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Beverly Hills 90210

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by _Gru_, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. This scene is everything haha
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  2. It's a mess but I am loving Christine Elise and Tori Spelling (Shannen, too, but she's in it so briefly it's hard to tell). They're the only ones who seem to be in on the joke and having fun. Elise is a very underrated actress. She should have had a bigger career.

    Vanessa Lachey? Yawn. Jennie's daughter drama? Yawn.
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  3. Tori has surprisingly good comedic timing. Shannen is just good in whatever she does. She just has "it"
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  4. I really love Gabrielle's storyline. Christine Elise and her have such a great chemistry together. Same with Tori og Jennie. Their off-screen friendship shines through and they seem so much fun to be around.

    I agree on what's been said about Shannen. She was always my favourite and I hope she will be a more integral part of the cast from episode four and onwards.
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  5. I'm a bit behind on this but i just finished episode 3 and while the pilot was extremely enjoyable the other 2 episodes were kind of a struggle, especially the stalker storyline. It's so disconnected and unnecessary.
  6. I hope we get a second season.

    I have a feeling it will.
  7. I watched episode 6 this morning. Loving the little twist in the story with Brian. I thought we'd be left in Limbo with how the journey of this season would go but I'm glad we weren't because if it doesn't get renewed at least we know.

    I think overall it was fantastic, a great original idea for a reboot with some clever story ideas on this theme. I think episode 2 and 3 were the worst, but it definitely got better at the end. Another season of this would be good but beyond that I think the show needs to evolve again because eventually they're going to run out of stuff to reference and they'll playing themselves in name only because everything else can't be based on real life any more.
  8. I will say, this really became perfect summer escapism TV. While it struggled in the first few episodes to settle on a tone/direction, it seemed to find a great rhythm by the end. I like the mix of meta comedy and over-the-top drama; makes for a great soap. The chemistry between this cast is also undeniable, and I really enjoyed spending time with them (I also say this as someone who hasn't watched most of the original show). I really hope it gets picked up for a 2nd season, but I do hope they keep it as a shortened summer show. I think they could afford to upgrade to 10 episodes, but anything more would probably turn this into a mess.
  9. I wonder when (or if) we'll hear about a season 2. Sounds like it did fairly well and the cast seem up for it.
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  10. They could get even more meta in season 2. They're just a stone's throw away of finding the perfect balance of a dramedy.

    Bring on the news of renewal!!

    But I'm not here for the network getting getting rid of an actual cast member and it being Shannen.

    No siree.
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  11. I've always thought Shannen was the best of the bunch, but she was disappointing in the reboot. I got the feeling she didn't really want to be there, at least not with the other girls. Luckily it improved in the last few episodes.
  12. Shannen’s apathy towards all things 90210 shone through on this show and I found it one of the most appealing things about her return, especially when placed next to Tori & Jennie, who act as if 90210 was their entire lives. It’s been the iconic dichotomy of their relationship since Shannen was on the original show.
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  13. I actually thought Shannen shone and was excited to get a bit more to do in episode 5. Because she came in late, production had already started, scripts were written. Then the writers quit and got replaced last minute. Obvious by episode 3 and 4.

    Shannen also looked like she was having fun reliving the RED DRESS drama and poking fun at herself.

    Anyone who's seen the Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 movie on Lifetime know's what that was all about.

    Shannen is friends with Jennie, she has been since 2008. She's is also very close to Brian and Ian in real life. She's just One of the Boys.mp3

    If the show gets renewed and she feels like she did her due, paying tribute to Luke and mourning him together as a group of colleges and semi friends than I'll be content with that decision.
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  14. Sadly it's been canceled.
  15. Devastated. They really found their groove by the end, and it was building towards something great.
  16. Ugh. Absolutely gutted.


  17. Had a feeling it might not make it to Season 2 on Fox given those live numbers.

    They should've went to Netflix or another streaming site originally. Feel it would've done better that way. Hopefully it does move elsewhere.
  18. I called it quits after 4 episodes. Not really surprised by the cancellation. The entire thing felt forced. It's very hard to describe it.
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  19. Overall I enjoyed it. Some plot lines were PAINFUL but so were they on the original show so.....
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  20. It wasn't perfect, but I really enjoyed it. It was great watching them all together again. I really hope they'll be able to find a new home.
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