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Beverly Hills 90210

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by _Gru_, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. I couldn't get past the first episode. It was one of the worst pilots I've watched in years. Now imagine going into this as a viewer not knowing it was a strange postmodern reboot. Imagine your disappointment. It would be crushing. Why didn't Fox just bring it back as Beverly Hills 90210? I can't see the show ever returning in any form now.
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  2. Shannens clearly done with the show not that her heart was ever really in it to begin with she only did it for Luke. I really enjoyed seeing her back with the cast though and she had great comic timing (as did Tori)

    Hopefully a Charmed reunion of sorts happens at some point.
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  3. Super sad news.

  4. Devastating...
  5. This has really affected me as I'm such a big fan and have followed her career since 90210.

    She's an incredible actress. Please fight this Shannen.
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  6. So sad by this news. She's one of my favorite actresses and a childhood icon. I really hope she'll be ok.
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  7. It's 30 years today since the pilot aired.

    Some iconic moments

  8. Currently binge watching the original series, I remember how big it was back in the day but never fully watched it. didnt realise just how little lines Tori Spelling had in the beginning. First season she barely spoke.

    This show deserves its iconic status. Touching on topics not many would back then, drugs, racism, alcoholism, sex, homosexuality etc.
  9. Brenda/Shannen was so gorgeous in her final season. Those last few episodes centred around the play and her departure to London were the peak IMO.

    Val was a cute addition, and I loved her keeping Kelly’s ass pressed, but the show just wasn’t the same without Brenda serving attitude for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert!
  10. Coming up to her final episodes now, will be strange to watch without her.
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  11. Ah, I’ll use spoilers tags if I post in here from now on.

    Brenda’s send off is very full circle in a lot of ways. The show does go through a bit of a change, and it gets quite fun in a soapy way, but you definitely notice/feel her absence for a bit there.

    What have your thoughts been on the first four seasons thus far?
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  12. Honestly I prefer the high school years, wish they continued those for another season or two. not watching as often as I was at the moment, but some of the storyline’s are a bit of a bore (donna still being a virgin storyline is getting old) especially season 4 I’m sure later seasons are probably worse. Will finish the series before going to Melrose Place.

    been on a 90’s trip lately, great era in TV, got Baywatch to watch after, looks incredible in UHD.
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  13. Donna’s virginity is like the never ending story nn.

    I kinda disliked season four when I first watched it too. It felt sorta toned down compared to the previous year and some of the crazy stuff that transpired and some of the execution of those plots in that first year of college were kinda eh. Brandon and Lucinda wasn’t interesting, I can’t even remember what Kelly was doing that year, Dylan and his spiralling was never my favorite thing to sit through, but they definitely made up for it in season five.

    Andrea had to be the oldest looking 18/19 year old ever. Man, she looked about 35!
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  14. That’s because she is the oldest of the cast. She lied about her age to get the part.

  15. This scene/storyline had me perched. They did Brenda so dirty, but considering the mess Dylan became, she kinda won.
  16. As much as I love the show and season 3 is my favorite next to 2, I always get so frustrated at Dylan for cheating on Brenda, playing both her and Kelly and never show any regret for it. He never sees any repercussions for his actions, while Kelly and Brenda’s friendship never really repairs. Not to mention most fans don’t even blame him for the cheating, while hating on Kelly.
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  17. Dylhole is the epitome of a fuck boy. Brenda and Kelly deserved so much better. I mean, if you can’t turn your back without your partner running to your best friend, then something ain’t right. And if you realize the only thing you have in common with someone is sex, then you really need to get your shit and go.

    Brenda and Kelly were both insecure though and played right into his hands.

    I hate that Dylan flees to London to be with Brenda after Toni is murdered, and I hate that she takes him back. Sis is in London and can’t find some nice dick to replace Dylan? A mess! Don’t get me started on her and Kelly fighting over him in the first reboot ddd
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  18. I love how Shannen was bemused here at being told by fans that Brenda and Dylan were living together in London.

    3.00 in

    I wish she'd returned at this point for a big dramatic showdown with Kelly and Val.
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  19. nn I love the disapproving tone she seems to have when she talks about the show after her time on it. She has such a good way about herself. Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling could only dream!

    For real, she looked so stunning from the mid-90s to early to mid 2000s.
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  20. I want to rewatch this so bad but there are so many episodes missing in the US! I tried to do a rewatch about a year ago and I noticed people were talking about Scott dying, but I didn’t remember seeing it so I went back thinking I’d fallen asleep and that’s when I realized there were missing episodes.
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