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Bey-Z - On The Run 2 Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by theincredibleflipper, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. It's happening. She's posting events left and right on Facebook as we speak.
  2. Fuck. Hopefully they come to England this time..
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  3. Laughing at the having a typo "Jay-z".
  4. Give us the UK dates mistress.
  5. Hope they roll them all out at once. Last time it took ages until they announced Paris right?
  6. Ray


    Yeah, I said it
    Yeah, I said it, babe
    Yeah, I said it, fuck a Tidal
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  7. My bank account canNOT survive this right now but I’ll sell a kidney or something
  8. They're literally calling it On The Run 2?

  9. I'm not shook.
  10. They stopped at the two Philly events?

    That would be so Beyoncé to just announce this one show, drop the joint record tonight or next week followed by a global stadium tour like the world had never seen before.
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  11. "On The Run 2".... I wonder if they will continue the story they had going in the interludes of the first tour.
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  12. My bank account is squealing.
  13. I sort of...don't care?

    Get coins I guess but my year is already too full of divas. Maybe a nosebleed seat if prices are ok.
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  14. My bank account is squealing gasping for breath.
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  15. If this is anywhere near the first On The Run it will still be one of the best shows of the year. OTR was killing me two hours straight.
  16. Never seen Jay so I'll be excited to hear his music live, especially 4:44 stuff. And of course Bey will be incredible as she always is.
  17. I stand by On The Run being probably the best overall show I have ever seen and I have no doubt this will be the same.
  18. June
  19. a scotland date better be in there.
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