Bey-Z - On The Run 2 Tour

I am at the first Amsterdam date and she is late! Having merch meltdowns (any tips) and everyyythang. Cant wait for the premier of APESHIT
So I went to see Bey-Z yesterday night in Rome and what a fantastic show! I saw Beyoncé two years ago and I was blown away, so I glued my wig this time around but I was not ready for Jay Z to be that good as well!

Amazing stage, amazing presence from both of them and Beyoncé was on fire! She's a machine but Jay brought the heart, he was really into the show and interact a lot with the audience.

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I was at Rome too...the show was amazing, obviously, I didn't get any vibes that Beyonce was not hitting the choreography hard (although if we really must nitpick some variety wouldn't hurt), and her vocals were on point. Jay was electric as well...But I feel like I need to say that the crowd were a bit of a flop! Almost all of Bey's attempts at singalongs fell mostly flat, and the loudest pre-encore applause went to a Jay solo?! I don't know if people were too busy taking videos during the queen's parts, but going to the concert of two legends to singalong to friggin Forever Young, instead of Drunk/Crazy in love or Formation is such an oddity to me.

P. S. Still no APES**T, and no physical album at the merch stalls. The dancers actually did some of the Louvre laying-down-o-graphy from the video, and I was PERCHED for a couple of seconds
I hope we get a HBO special again for this tour. Not having a professionally recorded Beyonce concert in 4 years should be illegal.

If anything it's gonna be a TIDAL exclusive let's be real (but I can dream)