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SockMonkey said:
I want to get a gigantic pair of scissors and cut all those flags down.

Ha ha yeah, but they actually added to the theme when Muse sang "Uprising" a year or so ago.
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Just managed to catch End of Time, was amazing!

She really is a fantastic live performer.

Oh my goodness. ALANIS


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What the hell song is this?

Oh my God, she's gone crazy on us!


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TM said:
You Oughta Know. She song she took writing credits for....

Come again? Try harder.

LewJB said:
So, 4 translates live quite fucking well doesn't it?

Everything Beyonce translated well live.
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I think "If I were a boy" is her best song live. She just kills it everytime and it reminds me why she is a great performer.

I take back my comment about her set being mediocre, I'm more into it now.
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Resi, stop pointlessly attacking everyone who has an opinion you disagree with.

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Itty Bitty Piggy said:
I'll probably get hated for saying this, but...

Is it mere coincidence that Beyoncé started the show talking about "love yourself and have fun", and Britney Spears said what's in Mr Telephone Man's signature? Lady Ga....

It's really quite transparent and annoying, but nevermind.

The Britney quote is from 2003 though...


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I take back every negative thing I've said about her, she is a fantastic performer and I hope 4 is a huge success.