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Beyoncé - 7th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. It's nice, but I want the album.
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  2. It's a little bit insane how good she sounds on this, although I guess it's to be expected.
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  3. RJF


    Beyoncé sounds amazing and the song fucking sucks. That lifeless, plodding beat. Good Lord!
  4. Considering her entire career, her quality control is all over the place nn. At least she delivers on the main event.
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  5. It's giving... barely dusted off and unfinished interlude from the 4 era.
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  6. Blue and the twins are smart to keep her vocals in tip top shape for the album. And she’s been resting overall. They really are the best managers in the game.
  7. Ok Mrs Carter it's time for B'Day II c'mon don't be shy give it to me now.
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  8. Hoping this is the God Made You Beautiful to her self-titled, and that the next project comes quickly.
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  9. Yeah, I tried but the song is boring, given critics are saying this should be getting award show buzz. Then again, maybe that’s exactly why it will appeal to the committees dddd
  10. I actually love it! The rising chorus is gorgeous, her vocals are as good as ever. The beat is slightly too slow, sure, but it's one of the stronger soundtrack singles you'll hear.
  11. The punchy beat in the background on Be Alive gives me the Dont Hurt Yourself/Ring The Alarm live vibes
  12. I looked up who produced this and i’d never heard of Dixson. He seems to produce a lot for Chance the Rapper and I hope Bey doesn’t work with him again. Be Alive feels like Beyoncé SANGING on top of a completely different worse song
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  13. We need more songs like Countdown.
  14. But they are spectacular. This here is nonsense.
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  15. Like he knows.

    Pretty sure she surprised them with Self-titled and just released so I'm pretty sure she keeps everything close to her chest.
  16. Columbia was aware of BEYONCÉ before it’s release 8 years ago. They even had a code name for it when discussing it in meetings.
  17. Why is that cosplaying straight in the same sentence as Beyoncé? Either way... Hopefully it appears soon.
  18. Kinda remarkable how Beyoncé smashed and became big despite presentation.
  19. I’m choosing to believe it.
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