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Beyoncé - act i RENAISSANCE (7th Album - July 29th)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Ohhhh if Beyoncé is referencing South African pop, dance, or house music??? It's over for us!!! My Power is an example of one of the South African dance music sounds.
    But for those who aren't familiar these are two good examples of the soundscape of women in South African dance music.

    My absolute Brenda Fassie songs

    And for someone more contemporary Simmy is a good example of South African dance music with gorgeous soaring vocals. I can imagine Beyoncé doing her own take on any of these soundscapes

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  2. How can a track feel so familiar yet so adventurous at the time same time?

    I'm still unpacking it all, but I am besotted with the track length. It's a three-course meal and a carafe of vodka.
  3. If Beyoncé enlists Sun-EL Musician to produce a track or two (she won't, but I can dream), then it is over for all of us.

  4. Mmm I'm accidentally obsessed with this. At first I was definitely whelmed by it but what I mistook for basic-ness was actually a very thoughtful and layered homage to old school house. There's so much to digest here, which is so refreshing after getting used to very what-you-see-is-what-you-get two minute tiktok songs. Break My Soul feels like it exists at the other end of the spectrum from the more sleek house-influenced tracks of her contemporaries - it refines the clunkyness of early house just enough to feel both referential and modern at the same time.
  5. Yes this is also growing on me exponentially. I just know the album is gonna end me. I’m manifesting a continuous mix.
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  6. Yeah this is growing on me big time. It’s been stuck in my head since release and I’m not playing it that often tibbs.
  7. Okay, this is a bop! Beyoncé effortlessly making this Robin S house throwback sound that’s been around for 10 years seem fresh again (even though it isn’t).
  8. Alexa, play "Sweet Melody" for Beyoncé.
  9. BTG


    I’m afraid I simply won’t survive if Beyoncé has South African music influences on this album. The vibes.
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  10. This song just keeps getting better and better.

    As usual with Bey, the vocal production is insanely good. The way the harmonies and background vocals build and develop across the song (alongside the slow-build production developments) is nothing short of genius. She is fully embodying the soul of dance music and I just want to live in this soundscape.
  11. This kills the Vag
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  12. I want her back at The Met gala next year aswell. That Vogue shoot has made me so happy.
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  13. "In a whole other life, there was this Jay-Z that I knew..."
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  14. I like this new one, but I still think The Gift was done so wrong.
  15. Masters At Work mixes/production or I'm (duck)walking.
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  16. I think it’s only fair she reveals the track list. So we can all dissect the titles
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  17. Huge overall radio updates for this in the US, particularly considering it has yet to impact officially (I believe that's from the 28th):

    #90 (+158)
    Audience - 12.6m (+8.12m)

    Top 5 Increases:

    1. Break My Soul (+8.12m)
    2. About Damn Time (+1.83m)
    3. The Kind Of Love We Make (+1.66m)
    4. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) (+1.44m)
    5. Late Night Talking (+1.15m)

    #8 on Spotify Global for 23/6.
  18. There are now around 22,500 videos featuring this song on TikTok.
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  19. This is resonating differently today. Booking a flight to DC to protest and show that they won't break my soul. And I'm telling everybody to stop fucking with our human rights. FUCK!
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