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Not Spotify having the clean version…..

“Bad bad to the left”


Here is the explicit version:

We dress a certain way
We walk a certain way
We talk a certain way
We, we paint a certain way
We, we make love a certain way, you know?
All of these things we do in a different
Unique, specific way that is personally ours

The "We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller." energy of this part of the song
Not feeling the album much after the first listen. I guess it'll take a few listens to get into it but it's all very repetitive and sounds like a way too long club soundtrack. I'm a bit disappointed cause I really loved BREAK MY SOUL and so far the rest of the album isn't matching its amazingness.
Anyway the Beyoncé hype is still very real for me (I was so anticipating this release) so I guess I will stream B'Day all day!
"I can be the one who takes you there
On this magic ride
Baby you can hit this don't be scared
It's only gonna get you high"

Where is this melody from, it sounds so familiar
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