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Now having just achieved 61 weeks, Beyoncé now claims 2nd place (behind Mariah) in having the most cumulative weeks at #1 on the Hot 100 as a female artist, combined with her time in Destiny's Child. All of her #1s as a lead artist have achieved multiple weeks atop the chart.

'Break My Soul' has now surpassed 800k RIAA units, and will likely go platinum by early September. 'Alien Superstar' and 'Cuff It' have both surpassed 200k.
We'd never get it, but a
hits, Renaissance in full, a couple more hits, end
style show for me, well, it would be my dream.

But she has two more albums coming, we'll be lucky if we get half
The way it's taken me over two weeks to catch up on this thread. I was away the weekend it was released and before I knew it I was like 150 pages behind dd.

The album is obviously brilliant - it's new and different but you can also see the threads of Dangerously In Love and B'Day, all the way up to The Gift. I love how most of the songs flow together, it's so well done.

Alien Superstar is that bitch. Cozy and All Up In Your Mind probably round out my top 3, but Cuff It has grown on me massively too. It's probably the most GP friendly song on the album, but also a stone cold bop.

We just reaching out to the solar system
We flying over bullshit, we flying over
Supernatural love up in the air
I just talk my shit, Casanova, superstar, supernova
Power, pull 'em in closer
If that's your man, then why he over here?

The best part of the whole damn album? Maybe so.
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