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"Single Ladies" is played the fuck out, but I've always appreciated how weird some of the production is. When the vroom vroom synths start percolating, I vibrate a bit.
This. The production is god tier.
What if ACT II is a Collab album but with a diff artist on every track?
What if ACT II is the rumored country album and the Collab album is collaborations with Michelle and Kelly?

Yes yes yes I know it's fan fiction but after listening to Lose My Breath a couple times today I just want them back.
It's in 'Heated' - most apparent during the beginning section before the vocals come in (just pitched a little bit), but used generally throughout in the background.
Thank you - I just played it and it made sense! I kept thinking I'd heard that beat somewhere before and now I finally know.
Okay but Travis Garland’s first album still slaps let’s be honest here. Shame he’s such a douchey person though. If you’re a JoJo stan then you know what I’m talking about.

Can I just ask, is Where To Land sampled in Renaissance somewhere or am I being stupid?

I proclaim to be a JoJo stan but I am unfamiliar of what issues they have had?
I proclaim to be a JoJo stan but I am unfamiliar of what issues they have had?
Travis and JoJo used to be super tight, especially when JoJo was stuck in that Blackground hell with her label. But word is that they had a falling out around the time Travis began dating Aubrey O’Day - JoJo and Dawn Richards are good mates so there was a just a lot of tension to do with loyalty. As a result of the tension, Travis released a diss track about Jo and they stopped chatting around 2013. Beyond this I remember during Covid he was on his Insta proclaiming it was a “plandemic” and everything which was just stupid.

I could have sworn they patched things up around 2016 but they aren’t as tight as they once were. A shame because the song they did together called Paint is a banger.
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She / Her
Has HEATED convinced me to break up with my boyfriend?

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