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I feel that with act i, Beyoncé had a full album to paint using the colors of the dance music genre, referencing trends and styles from the past decades while also pointing to the future.

Renaissance is amazing and cohesive piece of work. It reached the goal it set for itself, but I feel that it fails to showcase the full colors of Beyoncé – those that we were able to see on previous albums like B'Day and Lemonade... HipHopeyoncé, Balladyoncé and Countryoncé are nowhere to be found here.

I wonder which genres the queen shall cover in future acts. What do you people think?
The way I actually wish I had more cleaning and chores to do today because this album makes things easier to accomplish. She bring it to you every laundry day!
Okay… so…. I might have spent the last week thinking I didn’t like this album because the one time I half listened on my drive to work

I was wrong
Very wrong

So much wasted time
Not me scanning over the first link and thinking it said act ii was a Christmas album.
The inspiration for the Christmas album:
My theory is that she'll release one album for every Grammy eligibility period. We'll get Act II before September 2023 in time for the 2024 Grammys (let's say in April/May before the tour starts) and Act III in late 2023 so that it can run for the 2025 Grammys.
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