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Bey was bold to release 6min, 5min and even 4min songs when the streaming mold is pushing artists and labels to release 2min songs.

the thing with Virgo’s Groove is that it doesn’t feel like a 6min song at all! it has such a brilliant variety of vocals and instruments inside of it that it is actually over before you notice it.
I've been taking a break from the album so I don't overplay it (I was coming dangerously close!), but when a few songs start popping up on my Spotify I think "Wow, she really came through with a front-to-back SERVE".

The one song I can't take a break from right now is Heated. It's just too addictive.
All I know is that All Up In Your Mind doesn't deserve to be the least streamed track from the album. The proletariat at large deserve to hear this Beyonce meets Charli XCX megabop!

The way the song spends just under three minutes sounding like it's constantly on the verge of caving in on itself without ever fully succumbing to the aggressive synths is masterful.
All Up In Your Mind is incredible. The quaking, buzzing production that feels as volatile as a war zone. The derangement in her voice. A melody so instant and immediately familiar I was convinced for days it was a sample of yet another lost dance classic on the album.

B*oodPop produced on it? Are we sure AG didn't just ask him to move around a synth or something?
All Up In Your Mind having the lowest streams on the alberm while being one of the best...

What if the visuals were supposed to come out tomorrow and now she has to delay the release because of the Queen's death nn
Wasn't she filming the bright green mask look from the teaser in Bushwick during the album's release week? It seems like act 1 visuals are still being worked for release soon-ish.


What does everyone think of this rumour that the album is being updated constantly with new tweaks to production / vocals?
I might be wrong but it seems culturally (and personally, to be honest) that the past week the album is taking more of a back seat in conversations after a month of constant discussions. This is the time to release the visuals or keep them back for a much longer time ala The Gift/Black is King.

Her next move will be interesting. Break My Soul is dead too but the album is still holding well in the top 10. Servicing another single to radio even without the visuals out would do the world of good for keeping the longevity of the album sales, at least.
What does everyone think of this rumour that the album is being updated constantly with new tweaks to production / vocals?
I don't think it is true apart from the two edits on ENERGY and HEATED. If any other edits were really made, it would be easy to compare and point them out as many "day one" original CDs are in the hands of fans.

I guess it's more the case of the songs being absurdly intricate and detailed. For example, on the 00:03 mark of BREAK MY SOUL there's a "c'mon" I only noticed this week (after listening to the song almost every single day since its release)
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