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almost top 10 in the UK. and nothing from Parkwood Ent.

Remember about a month ago when it became apparent we weren't getting visuals or promo anytime soon, so most of us gaslit ourselves into the gurlies that believed the album was enough.... yeah I'm reverting back to that gurl. She was happier, didn't compulsively check this thread, and wouldn't be as pressed as I am now about whatever injustice is about to happen to CUFF IT!
Tems has confirmed she hasn’t been involved with a video shoot for ‘Move’ yet. That being said, it doesn’t really mean anything, as Bey hasn’t always had her collaborators involved with the videos.

I’m aware I’m clutching at straws, but my guess would be that she’ll launch the videos just before/in conjunction of the tour announcement, which pretty reputable sources have said is coming in October (more specifically, around three weeks). She loves to launch ticket sales with a bang (O2 campaign for Mrs. Carter Show V1, Self-Titled for Mrs. Carter Show V2, ‘Formation’/Super Bowl for Formation World Tour), so it would really be the ideal combo.

But who fucking knows at this point, really!
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Beyoncé tickets won't be as expensive as Blackpink. (Even at the normal price of £180 for GA)

BTS and Blackpink tickets are always the most expensive tickets.

In the US all shows are hundreds or thousands of dollars for any decent tickets since COVID. Even newer acts like Lizzo were 900+ when they went onsale. Gaga tickets were 1k+ for floor, face value, as "platinum" days before the show.

Its very different to the UK market. BLACKPINK tickets for their UK tour in 2019 were not crazy expensive like they are in the US now.
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