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But yet with Beyonce, she's considered a better popstar than Kylie yet the dragging she's getting clearly has more teeth. Race absolutely has something to do with it because Beyonce, in this case, is not benefiting from the forum's tendency to be more lenient on better popstars. And yes, @Vasillio's argument might be a small factor, but it's just sheer burying one's head in the sand to act like race is not a factor. Like, let's be serious about the kind of world we live in.

... Beyonce has long since transcended popstar status - she's an icon in the truest sense of the word, someone whose every move is imbued with meaning. So this reminder that, ugh, girl might need a paycheck, is a bit jarring. And you are correct, race is totally a factor in the impossibly high standard she is held to.
Renaissance is topping Metacritic's year end charts or something like that and I am seeing people getting hyped up about the album getting AOTY at the Grammys. Huneys, the scammys don't have the range. They are so far up their own asses with their sacrosanct "Artistic Authenticity™" that they wouldn't be able to appreciate this masterpiece of an album. It *is* the album of the year though.
I actually think this is hers for the taking at this point. Every single publication named this album of the year and there’s still this sour taste left from lemonade not winning. If I were to put money on any album right now it would be Renaissance but yeah, the Grammys are wild so you never know.
I unfortunately don’t think this will win album of the year. It should, but I don’t see it. Especially with the non-existent promo this time around.
I think it's the clear favorite. Abba and Adele will siphon off some of the older voters, Adele/Harry/Beyonce will split the pop vote, and it will come down to if the r&b/hip hop voting bloc will rally behind Beyonce.

If the hip hop voting bloc stays with Kendrick that might throw a wrench in things. In that case Bad Bunny probably takes it.
Me contemplating clicking on this thread because I just end up irritated by the no updates/promo regarding such a flawless album


Me clicking anyway and the only update being a Christmas card and some discussion about the Grammys

Not open for further replies.