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Her dropping an anvil on her foot so we'll stop being mad at her. Her mind.

Me reading this as Avril fff

If a foot injury is behind the delays why wouldn’t they just say?

I mean I know she doesn’t have to tell us and doesn’t really owe us an explanation if it is the reason but I’m guessing she mentioned it at this show? So it’s not being kept a secret now.

Basically I just feel like this is us rationalising the delay rather than any real update.
I know this is maybe gonna be unpopular to say, but what exactly is the strategy this era?

I get that she’s Beyoncé and she’s reached a level where she doesn’t have to follow the standard rules within the industry.

But, surely this whole thing has been a chore for her fans? For an artist so famed for her visual work, there’s literally been nothing. There’s keeping people wanting more and then there’s quite literally nothing. I’ve no doubt when visuals eventually drop, all will be forgiven. But it still feels like an era of silence for such an exciting body of music.

Then for her return to live music to be at an event for the elite, in a country that is oppressive of LGBT+ people - after releasing an album that celebrates queer culture. It’s just not it, is it? And I’m glad some people are actually calling her out for it. You can’t be bashing David Beckham one month, and then turning a blonde eye to Beyoncé the next.

It’s just… disappointing. But mostly disappointing because even those who claim to be ‘true allies’ etc will abandon those morals for the right pay check. It seems to be a lesson we as queer people will be reminded of over and over.
I honestly think she was saving the videos for the tour announcement, but considering the foot accident, she had to postpone the tour, therefore, the videos. Maybe she was even planning to perform here and there, but couldn't do it. I hope she's feeling confident now and we'll get both treats soon.
I both agree that performing in Dubai is icky but also at which point does a country like the UK's outright hostility and moves to attack and oppress trans people factor into these sorts of conversations? Because on some level it is a factor, and increasingly one. What is the defining line on when it's 'ok'?

I'm not exactly full of any real answer on it but a trans friend of mine raised it and like...yeah? It's a fair point
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