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I really do hope tonight is the night for her. I know Grammys aren’t everything (especially for the all-time most awarded female artist), but if anyone deserves to notch an Album of the Year win, it’s her. Well overdue, and beyond fitting for the night she may break the record for most wins of any artist.
It isn't all over just yet, but didn't they do this with Urban Contemporary Album in 2017 so they could get a televised speech from her? It's not looking great.

Ya I’m gonna take this as:

- She didn’t win album of the year and they want her to have a TV moment


- she’s about to win four awards meaning she will have the most wins of all time and they want that televised

Hoping option B includes album of the year.
Can she win three in the pre-show so that the fourth, record-breaking win also happens to be the televised one?

I just cannot imagine her once again losing Album of the Year.
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