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I can’t even pretend it’s shocking. But that’s our AOTY <3
We've been through this before, Grammy voters are mostly male, straight, white over 60. Of course they will gravitate towards the cheeky young lad all the ladies lust after who is singing yacht dad rock they used to love in college while getting high for the first time, they go 'yas this Christopher Cross bop slaps!' when they listen to Little Freak. They'd never award AOTY a Beyoncé, a queer love letter of an LP, a dance anthology.


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I've been thinking about how there's this strange dynamic where Harry Styles made his vague speech comment about 'people like me' implying some kind of inherent underdog aspect to his artistry; whereas Beyoncé made an album full of queer collaborators, queer culture, steeped in blackness once again and has a far more authentic "claim" to being an underdog in that specific situation of being up for Album of the Year... I don't know, once again there's plenty to be irritated by with Harry Styles being so vacant behind the eyes when he is now at the apex of the music industry and still refuses to openly admit he's the one to beat.

Of course, Beyoncé is no underdog, and neither is Harry, but she hasn't ever claimed to be one and from what I can tell has been gracious about it while being able to celebrate breaking the record for most wins. I don't think she can bring out another album that will top what Renaissance sets out to do, but I also don't think she's been the type of artist who has tried to replicate past successes for a very long time, so there's plenty of opportunity for her to win the Album of the Year prize in the future. We still hopefully have visuals and more music from this era to expect from her so maybe that win will come sooner rather than later, and she's now been perceived to have been robbed twice which will stick out in the minds of voters in the future too.
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