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Touring non stop... isn't it a dozen dates here and there in stadiums every few months making him $$$ every date? It's hardly 'Gaga plays every room with up to seven gays in 2008' struggles.

I thought the same thing ddd. Like he's doing 169 shows in 2 years... Gaga did 286 between March 2009 and May 2011 while embarking on 2 of the most intense promotional tours (The Fame Monster and Born This Way) we've maybe ever seen in pop music?

Harry: pink trousers and crop tops.
Massive streams gain yesterday

Why are the girls not streaming Heated...9th on the album in daily streams???
I'm not sure if these are official samples because I'm not the biggest fans who keeps up with Twista, but the original song Wetter (where this beat lifts from), I am pretty sure samples Anytime Anyplace.

I also think Love In this Club Part II might be sampling Anytime Anyplace? But I think the slowjam quiet storm love making drum pattern featured in all these songs is just so omnipresent in early 90s r&b.

Janet is an obvious influence, but I am also definitely hearing the classics like Freak Me by Silk, Knockin the boots by H-Town, etc.
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