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I'm curious about how Beyoncé will "age". When she is 50, 60, will she go the Madonna route or a more classical, legacy act route? Or perhaps some unforeseen third option we don't even imagine?
Cuff It now ranks as her joint 2nd longest-lasting solo song on the Hot 100 at 30 weeks (and counting):

1) Halo - 33 weeks
2) Irreplaceable/Cuff It - 30 weeks
3) Sweet Dreams - 29 weeks

It took a bit of a plummet this week due to the Morgan Wallen album bomb, but looks set to rise back into the top 20 next week. It will, almost certainly, become her longest-lasting solo song on the Hot 100.
Truly the #1 single that got away. While it’s nice and impressive to see the music smash effortlessly on its own, as a fan it’s also almost impossible not to regret how little of an era we got when this could’ve clearly been yet another imperial phase for her.


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Imagine if it had a VIDEOOOOOOO
Do we think it's possible the videos could be sold as a download/DVD exclusive as part of Tour merch?
Would certainly be different! Not that they would be exclusive for long though..
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