Her videos for the last decade plus are also consistently well made. I don't even necessarily mean in terms of budget, because there are examples on Self Titled especially like Ghost that were probably relatively cheap, but I mean in terms of cinematography, grading, lighting, styling, etc. I actually struggle to think of many other artists that are able to be that consistent in that sense. My other faves may use more adventurous concepts and use bigger leaps when producing visuals, but they certainly have some quality control issues alongside that. Beyoncé just doesn't.
It's the thought process behind basic marketing and visual identity for any artist. Ideally, you cater to your strengths in order to communicate your ideas. Beyoncé is an incredible performer, and so her videos reflect that. You lacking the capacity to conceive of such a thing is very much a you problem only.

I'm the problem? No...

If I don't think her visuals are great that's fine.

Go watch her videos instead of attacking my opinion if you like them so much.

Jeez its hard to have an opinion here... Not everyone has to have the same opinion...
Fuck. Not that it needed it, but this definitely elevates the song to another level.

I'm gonna need Club Renaissance: The Remixes where the full album is remixed thanks
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