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Yep I’ve been using for ages now and love it!

Here’s my 4 week overview:
Stats for Spotify is pretty great. I ended up ditching it for, which is a lot more in depth with the insights it provides since you can upload your own Spotify listening data going back to the very beginning and it tracks it.
Thanks for sharing - I just bought it!
It hasn't actually been referred to as act i since the booklet on release day, has it? I'd rather she scrap the 'act' thing than rework it into act ii being a remix album, because that wasn't the original plan.
I hope not. I can't see how that would be authentic to the original project. Especially if she chooses artists like Ariana - that feels very off considering Ariana's history of appropriating black culture and Renaissance being so considered in its references to black music history.
I also can’t think what Ariana could ADD to this track? Beyoncé is so effortlessly delivering those airy-floatly-sultry vocals that Ariana is known for “having borrowed” from much superior black music artists.

For me, adding Ariana bits to it can only mean removing Beyoncé from it and I’m so not here for that.
Did the stats thing for Spotify. America Has I Have A Problem.

4. I'm That Girl
6. Summer Renaissance
7. Alien Superstar
10. Cuff It
13. Cozy
14. America has a Problem
15 + 19. Break My Soul
17. Heated
18. Energy
20. Pure/Honey
22. Virgo's Groove
23. Church Girl
24. Plastic
25. Thique
30. Move
31. All Up In Your Mind

Is All Time (although as someone pointed out more like last 3/4 years). She's also in it with legendary iconic super classic Say Yes.

Last 4 weeks is all of it from 2. to 17., with Padam at 1. Oops. But honestly? Gay Rights.
From what I recall, pretty much all of the shows accept card for merch so you should be fine. I think paying with cash it becoming more of an anomaly these days.
I’m from Brasil and I used to think so too for years. But now I live in Germany and card payment is still very uncertain here
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