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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Feels... like it could be time for this? Beyoncé rarely gives us notification (read: warning) that she's in the run-up to releasing, but there appears to be enough substantial evidence now that we could be looking at solo material in Q3/4.

    In late May, Ms. Tina confirmed that Beyoncé was 'busy working on something exciting':

    Then, Bey herself confirmed that she's 'cooking up new music' whilst chatting with Kelly and Michelle - again, in late May.

    (Also, support Michelle's new memoir!)

    Finally, a manager followed on social media by both Kelly and Michelle posted that Bey was recording video content (it doesn't seem like she was adorned in Ivy Park attire) in a studio adjacent to him earlier this week:


    If she is indeed in the phase of shooting video content, it very much feels like previous build-ups we've had with Self-Titled and Lemonade, where she was spotted out and about within a couple of months prior to releasing. She usually commits to filming in substantial blocks of time, so I imagine we might see more instances like these popping up over the coming month or so.​
  2. I wonder if she'll drop the material like the last 2 records, or if they'll actually be some build-up this time.
  3. Stop the world again, Beyoncé Giselle.
  4. Shaking already.
  5. I’m so ready for this.
  6. Ready for a Beyoncé solo stadium tour Summer 2022
  7. Here for the next release to be a Destiny's Child comeback.
  8. I almost had a heart attack seeing this topic pop up. Mailing you my medical bill Ensnare
  9. RJF


    I was literally thinking just last night as I listened to Lemonade with a drink in some candlelight that I missed her.

    I'm... ready for her to come back and once again embarrass the fuck out of her contemporaries who are noping out to Vegas, barely bothering with videos for second singles, and generally happy to rest on name recognition alone as they sell their shitty wares to gullible fanbases. At least when Bey skewers our bank accounts like pigs, it's worth our while.
  10. She was literally about to release tour dates when Covid19 hit dd.
  11. yeah, but wasn't that in support of The Gift?
  12. No?
  13. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Dd god bless that leaky faucet known as Tina Knowles, the only person in Bey's inner circle that's unable to maintain that mystique.
  14. Not Destiny remembering her other children along the way.
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  16. Glad that didn’t happen. Too early. I’m hoping for an album later this year and tour next.

    She is 40 in Sept, wouldn’t be surprised if something was coming to celebrate that.
  17. I wouldn't mind some proper bangers please. Glad to have Lemonade but I need some more bops. Or just a DC reunion.
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  18. A dream. I need a DC album too.
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  19. Lemonade had plenty of bops.
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