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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. I think the main point of your post is important cause this is not the first time it’s happened to Freedia and it’s not the first time Beyoncé had done it to her. I’d love to see Bey perform with Freedia or at least have her in the video this time but I don’t want it to be derailed by the comparison to Chimamanda since she is an author/speaker that was being quoted vs another musician/song. I just really am hoping to see Beyoncé embrace Big Freedia in all her Black Queer Magic!
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  2. Exactly, we don’t know what’s agreed and who’s happy with what and who’s bagged serious coin or not.
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  3. I… honestly don’t think it’s as malicious in its intent as some might believe. As @odyism has said above it’s most likely to do with how convoluted whole legal system surrounding music business generally is. Freedia has continued to work with Bey beyond Formation (providing extra lines for her Coachella and tours etc) up to now. I’m sure she’s getting credits where it’s due.
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  4. The two points can coexist without being “obnoxious”. I don’t think anyone discussing Bey honouring the women the genre was built off of, is then in the same breath denying Big Freedia. I do think she should be featured, and I do think it’s a wider issue of queer representation that she might be seen as a ‘token’ feature on a house/dance song (which I don’t think is Bey’s intent).

    At the very least, Freedia has said she’s happy without getting the feature, and is content with the new avenues it’s opening up for her in much the same way Robin S. is. That still doesn’t negate the fact she does deserve more, but she seems happy with the state of play. Plus, as noted above, I’m sure there’s more to it in terms of business contracts than simply malicious intent.
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  5. Gosh, we're really running Beyoncé through every checkbox here, aren't we?

    We have no idea about the working relationship between Beyoncé and Big Freedia, contracts etc, but what we do know is:

    1) She has credited the writers of a song that has been loosely sampled for this track, resulting in a positive impact for all those involved.

    2) Big Freedia feels incredibly grateful and honoured to work with Beyoncé for a second time, receiving much attention for this platform:

    3) Given that Beyoncé has also performed alongside Big Freedia in New Orleans in front of a full stadium audience in New Orleans, it's clear that she has no problem at all in having a direct connection with her:

    We can't really speculate on the process of crediting because none of us have enough information on the stances of the parties involved. We can, however, see the very positive effects these collaborations have had for Big Freedia - it doesn't appear that she in any way feels cast aside in this scenario.
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  6. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I mean, it's a sampled vocal from 2014. Freida has a writing credit. You didn't see 'Fantasy' (Ft. Tom Tom Club) or 'Replay' (Ft. Diana Ross).
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  7. It would be awesome to Big Freedia as an official feat, though I'd prefer it on a track they create together than for a sample or spoken word. I understand why it's not and it doesn't seem to upset Big Freedia so I don't think it's necessarily a point of contention considering she's credited as writer for her contribution. The reason she wasn't featured on Formation has definitely got to be because her voiceover originally is only on the video release (which reminds me I've always wanted an audio version of the MV released but we can't win them all with Beyoncé).
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  8. No but really is there any rumblings that we might get the video tomorrow?
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  9. This weird trend of putting Beyonce through microscope and questioning all her intent and actions gotta stop nn.
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  10. Yvette posted on her story "Tuesday - Friday - Tuesday"
    The song came Tuesday, people are hoping the Friday means we're possibly getting the video and then maybe the tracklist next tuesday or something more?
  11. Where is "Teenage Fever (feat. Jennifer Lopez)", etc etc
  12. Obsessed with the fact that the supply chain crises has not interrupted the flow of copium!
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  13. I don’t think a sample requires a feature credit, and Freedia is getting lots of attention and press which is amazing. Although @Knightgee does have a broader point. I mean, Mykki Blanco was uncredited and unpaid for WTP. Thankfully it doesn’t seem like the scenario here.
  14. If I were you, I'd be more concerned whether the royalties of 'Knock You Down' are about to be interrupted by Parkwood Entertainment.
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  15. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Nn do we even want to bring Jennifer into the discussion of not crediting other artist's vocals?
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  16. Not even singing on one of her best hits, "Play"? Probably not!

    It was just the first example that came to mind nn
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  17. Supposedly an unlisted video is showing up on her YouTube.
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  18. To give her some credit, she does sing the verses. Christina Milian does the choruses.
    It's an underrated bop regardless!
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  19. @Beyonce drop the video now, I beg you.
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  20. Was the epilepsy warning at the start always there? I'd swear it wasn't.

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