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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. BTG


    I’ve been rereading the Lemonade thread and it’s such a thrill to see that the minority with horrible opinions no longer post and/or were banned xx

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  2. Ordered the vinyl cos it's a one-off thing and hers are always high quality pressings. That shipping is insane though.
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  3. They're probably still here, just under different usernames.

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  4. Where is the video?! She’s really waiting until after Pride?
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  5. I don't love Break My Soul (and I'm kinda over Show Me Love inspired songs), but it's still an enjoyable cute summer bop. I think part of the problem is my standards for her are so impossibly high after Self-Titled and Lemonade.

    However I fully trust her vision and I'm sure the album will be amazing. So excited to see what she'll do with dance/house as the inspiration.
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  6. BTG


    Ashes to ashes. Dust to wallets.
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  7. Well, of course I've ordered the vinyl but that shipping cost is heinous and totally unjustifiable. I'm still the clown paying it but just so we all know... it's messed up.
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  8. I've already ordered two of the boxes so I'm glad I don't play or bother with vinyl fff
  9. Looking forward to the reactions when the limited edition vinyl alternate cover art ends up actually being this

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  10. My vinyl was just below $40 with shipping. I'm sorry to the international girls!
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  11. Never preordered a vinyl so fast.
  12. I want the vinyl so bad but I’m not paying AU$170, soz bey
  13. Pre-ordered it. Definitely shouldn't have because of dumb financial reasons but it's Beyonce so.
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  14. Preordered so fast and didn’t pay attention that it accidentally auto set shipping to my old apartment. Hope their customer service can update it in a month ffffff.
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  15. Pre-ordered! The shipping is insane for the international girls so I feel bad escaping with a total under $40.
  16. K94


    Ordered with that 31 quid shipping

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  17. This vinyl better be the rarest record on the planet in a few months.
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  18. For that it should sell out first. At least was able to share shipping with a friend.
  19. Ridiculous shipping is not just a Beyoncé thing though, Merchbar asked me €25 for a t-shirt. I paid $31 from Madonna’s official store for the Finally Enough Love Boxset (but it’s a 6 lp set so probably heavy). The problem is that some artist stores are not located in Europe. Madonna has an UK shop, Beyoncé never had one I believe.
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