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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Covid and in case of the UK Brexit are to blame here in parts. Wish they'd organize that better.
  2. Wow it has been all over our local news about the song and they are spotlighting Big Freedia as well.
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  3. Slightly (but only slightly) off-topic... based on the sample and that this project is openly inspired by a genre built on the shoulders of visionary women of colour who've never been fully recognised as the songwriters, producers and sometimes even the vocalists (!!!) that are the beating heart of dance music... I wanted to share a video that I discovered in lockdown and watched daily during that period. Apologies if it has been shared already but I think that anyone rightly bopping to Break My Soul will want to spare a few minutes to dance to this too...

  4. £31 shipping....

    Soul in tatters
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  5. Thanks god this friend of mine wants one too and we can split shipping…
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  6. I... haven’t ordered the vinyl just yet.

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  7. Please turn up on a UK store! 29,000 copies is a lot right??
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  8. But it’s a Beyonce Store exclusive so I doubt it, just like the cd box sets.
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  9. Thats crazy cos on top of the $65 x shipping, you have the add the import taxes, here in Denmark the import is minimum $30 more cos of fees
  10. I forgot about import tax… fuck my life.

  11. WOW! Beyoncé...BEYONCÉ!

    I begged her to drop the queen, girlboss persona for her next era, fearing, not only that it's completely irrelevant in a post-COVID, Roe v Wade-world but also that it would simply be entirely unexciting for her as an artist to continue to showcase different versions of the same musical paradigm.

    9.5/10 Best New Music
  12. Heard it in the club last night

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  13. They played this at the Trans Resistance March and Festival and the whole field went off! Every queer within ear shot was dancing: me and all the gay men, old dykes walking their dogs, black trans goddesses, baby queers out for their first pride month, happy gender nonconforming dads, and all the wonderful weirdos in our community! Beyoncé knew we needed this and she provided.
  14. Honestly heard it in the club, the radio in the car, the SUPERMARKET. I’m ready for more continued slayage.
  15. Not sure if's been mentioned already, but fairly sure the shipping thing is to avoid leaks. To make the July 29th delivery possible for international orders, shipping would need to be some time before and a leak would be inevitable.

    This way, she (hopefully) avoids leaks (at our expense).
  16. That’s not the reason, it’s just that shipping from the States to Europe (and shipping in general) is now very expensive. As it says on the vinyl page:

  17. It’s number 4 on the UK midweek. Keep streaming!
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  18. She needs to unleash the video and collect what’s left of my scalp.
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  19. I need the video and album artwork(s) to drop this week, please
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  20. ???????????
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