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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. RainOnFire

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    She said what new visuals? Y'all better watch this old shit!
  2. What if we get the video around the 12-13th July. Then every day after get a 10 second visual and audio clip every day revealing the track list until the albums released on 29th??

    (that’s if there really is 16 tracks)

    It would be so exciting that way
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  3. Has there been no rumours of a performance, possibly a video will coincide with that?
  4. LTG


    Would be so sad to not get a remix package with additional vocals, extended mixes etc
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  5. There were rumors of a BET Awards performance (which obviously and thankfully never happened), but outside of that, there’s also been talk of pop up shows in the UK.
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  6. My soul isn't broken but the way I keep hammering this (basically on repeat) with no end in sight my Spotify sure thinks it is. Poor dear keeps trying to recommend other tracks.
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  7. One month till the album oh wow
  8. Thankfully?
  9. Right sis. I thought we were getting promo this time.
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  10. She really said

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  11. Even outside of the below example, BET is trash sis.

  12. It just feels like this is all edging for a big push. I love the idea of pop up shows!
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  13. The shipping to the UK is now cheaper on her website.
  14. Wow, what a change of price! It’s a shame all the box sets have sold out now.
  15. Same shipping for Italy (€35).
  16. I'm gonna start boycotting this song if she doesn't release the video!!
  17. Damn it all the boxsets are sold out? Is there a chance they'll be restocked? This is my first Beyoncé Era, I have no idea what to expect.
  18. Get your wallet ready!
  19. This is just divine and I’m glad she’s having so much fun with it.

    But she really needs to unleash the video and a radio edit for the streamers (I will continue listening in full).
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  20. A video upon single release would have really helped this land more immediately for me I think. As it is I continue to enjoy and appreciate it, but a video to kind of … solidify the idea that this is a very different era to the last solo one might’ve felt more impactful.
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