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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. I honestly think in this day and age video upon release is the only option for maximum impact.
  2. I do get what you’re saying, but ‘Break My Soul’ is perhaps the most prominent change of musical direction Beyoncé has made in over a decade - I’m not sure it could be much more solid that this is a very different era from the material across Lemonade, Everything is Love, and The Gift.
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  3. Im posting this for no reason

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  4. I was underwhelmed at first listen and thought it was in danger of simply being too repetitive.
    It's the ultimate buzz single in my opinion.
    Somehow this gets better as time goes on. It has such a pull to lift your mood. Very excited for the album.
  5. I was excited for her to return but this burned on me within it’s first week of release. It’s fun, but way too repetitive and not memorable all at the same time? I hope the album has some stronger output.
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  6. We go round in circles, round in circles
    Searchin' for love


    We go up and down, lost and found
    Searchin' for love


    Looking for something that lives inside me


    Looking for something that lives inside me

  7. Guys I finally got high last night and bopped. Well I had a schizo-ish panic attack and bopped. But there's a second hook. I swear to God, she's imbued the chorus with this sub-audible hook that I didn't catch until last night and it fucking pops. Effervescent and sexy and joyous. God!
  8. The Gregorian chants in the background? It's giving MK Ultra.
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  9. Anxious Stoner to anxious stoner yes god. The echoed You Won’t Break My Soul is further proof of Beyoncé’s divine genius
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  10. Yes! At first I thought I was imagining it but deep in that bass there is some Gregorian chants that are like a precursor to the choir arrangements later on in the song.

    i heard this song in the dollar store today with a shitty sound system. I was still bopping, but I had also realized it had been so long since I heard recent solo Beyoncé on the radio!
  11. I love being understood. (It was seriously awful I definitely almost went to the hospital dd.)

    But! The song bops alongside this chamomile tea too so I'm still winning.
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  12. Every release is a moment.
  13. So what was this about? Hopefully the video tomorrow?
  14. Pretty sure it was in reference to this tweet that was blowing up at the time she posted

  15. We do need that video tomorrow though. Update your bio, queen!
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. The other day I was imagining that another great reference point for the Renaissance album could be Stevie Wonder’s Hotter Than July.
    To think of an album centering dance, disco, and hints of country, and then to have some of that 70s/80s summertime soul interlaced??

    Hotter than July isn’t necessarily *thee* genre or even soundscape I want to hear but I just love how that album captures the spirit of summer, being outside, and Black family reunion BBQ season so well.

    I just want to dance when I hear the album and be elated and groove and sing along even when things slow down.

    and on the topic of Stevie let’s just repost this because what a vocal showcase
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  18. we’ve got a caption and a cover!!!!
  19. Sweet Jesus! I know it won’t be, but that would be an incredible album cover.
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