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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. My wiggle is locked, loaded and ready to be RELEASED mommy.

  2. BTG


    Not one person does it better.

  3. Me after seeing this cover:
  4. See when Bey does the damn thing, no one can even touch her. Sorry not sorry.
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  5. It’s cute…
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  6. Me to the black placeholder artwork before it transformed into the album cover of the year
  7. So... guess who went ahead and bought the vinyl...
  8. She's really gonna kill us and take us to dance heaven, no?
  9. What gives her the right.

    She said release the wiggle and dem tiddies. An icon.

  10. also this thread title is lonnnng

  11. That cover is incredible! Wow, I can't wait.
  12. Her publicist confirmed this is the album art.
  13. Fantastic cover.
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  14. Okay the UK shipping went down to £12 so I just ordered the vinyl.
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  15. Seeing great album covers really gives me that high.
  16. The artwork is incredible.
  17. OPULENCE! This is a serve.
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