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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Would be perfect for a Mariah album cover though.
  2. Boyholdingcross.gif
  3. 3Xs


    The fake Japanese parental advisory logo dddd.
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  4. I really don't hear what others are hearing in Break My Soul. It's a pretty pedestrian sounding song to my ears.
  5. MY EYES
  7. “I think I did something.” They certainly did … something.
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  8. Maybe you need to get them checked out. Sounds like you have a hearing problem.
  9. This is needlessly aggressive. But I really wouldn't mind the aggression if you were at least somewhat funny or witty about it.
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  10. I’m not gunna lie as much as I’m living for this, it is a tad basic beat/production wise. Vocals are untouchable as always. I’m super excited for the rest of the album! We wanted bops and she’s about to give us 16 (if the track rumour is true)

    However I’m living
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  11. It is definitely the production that is making this not land for me. It wouldn't matter as much if the topline melody was super strong but that's not doing much for me either. I do like some of the lyrics though.

    I'm definitely not writing off the project based on not liking this song however. Beyonce puts more effort into her projects than just about anybody, so I will just write this off as a song that simply doesn't connect with me and not an indication of anything.
  12. the two layers of plastic wrap really give it that premium look
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  13. I wouldn't say it's pedestrian, I get that it could be sung by anyone but at the same time it's just lovely to hear Beyonce just having fun on a track. It's not groundbreaking but a great start to her album campaign.
  14. This could not be sung by anyone. It’s sung by Beyoncé; her spirit is all over this track.
  15. The thing is, as Beyoncé herself put it, this song is supposed to be a fun moment with no overthinking. It's completely valid to expect something different from her or to be disappointed, but I feel that this is like that moment in elementary school when the art teacher goes "you know what, you guys can do anything you like today", and then that one kid goes "but teacher, aren't we going to learn anything?" which makes the teacher give in and start reading something and then all their classmates hate them. It's like... just pull out the crayons and release your wiggle!
  16. You would give this example ddd.

    You’re right though.
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  17. Yeah I think the song pretty much crystallises the stage she’s at in her career. She’s quite literally done it all (and then some), and now she’s just looking to have some fun. It doesn’t mean the record won’t be damn good, because you know she’d never release anything that didn’t have 110% put into it.

    I get that after a few years of real message-led stuff from her, it can be somewhat jarring to have something fun and frivolous. But frivolity isn’t a negative thing. Ultimately, the record seems to speak more to the state of the world and people needing a release amidst the chaos, which is a message from her in and of itself. It might not feel as vital a message as Freedom or Formation, but the message is there all the same.

    tl;dr wiggle released.
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  18. This isn't a song for the uptight, high-strung girlies who can't relax.
  19. I don't get how some people seem to need a song to have some big message and if it doesn't they class it as basic.

    I just... don't find this basic at all. It has all the makings of a club classic and it's the type of song that makes me forget about that shitty 9 hour day at work I've just done and dance.

    It honestly goes off and I really don't understand how people can't feel pure joy when listening to this, I'd even go as far as saying it's one of my favourite singles from her.
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  20. I'm not a fan of Beyoncé at all but I'm very happy that she's finally creating dance music and not that boring music she's been making in recent years (by my standards of course)
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