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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. The horse gagging when it found out who was gonna ride it.

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  2. It’s not pedestrian at all, though. It’s hypnotic, kind of like “All That She Wants” by Ace of Base, or even “Baby Boy.” That’s the point.
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  4. I think Bey herself looks drop dead gorgeous on the cover, but I wish they didn't put her in front of a blank background. She already has the self titled as her minimalist album cover which worked perfectly for it, she doesn't need another one.
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  5. She’s not on the cover of self titled and I wouldn’t call this new cover “minimalist”. I mean she’s on a glass horse wearing that “outfit”, It’s the contrast with the black background that works so well. I really don’t understand why some of you wants a busy album cover.
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  6. I’m not a huge B fan but as far as her Legendary status go she’s reached that summit a while ago and I don’t think she’s cared about chart positions since the unjust flop of Run The World and while her personality off stage has always been more reserved, that’s the whole point, it creates this mystery and drama that I don’t think anyone possess.

    I don’t think many artists can be at the forefront of popular culture not release a solo album in 6 years and come back as if she’s never been gone and still have everyone gagged and talking about her.

    I don’t think anyone could have sung this song it’s so B like the bones of the song just have that savage wild beauty only she has.

    If this album is as good as I think it’s going to be the Scammys had better give her all the flowers and if Adele is nominated for any of the big ones I will riot.

    I have no idea why I said “I don’t think” 100 times but I am very hungover.
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  7. Everything Beyonce has released thus far has been top tier. I’m sorry for the haters.
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  8. pdf


    I'm probably gonna regret saying this but..... everything?
  10. The album cover is amazing. The reference itself is played out yes, but her making it is exciting, her take feels fresh, she looks incredible, and it blasts open your imagination for what the album will hold, which is really all you want from an early visual, let alone the album cover.

    Music, visuals, the few talking points we have… she’s hitting all the marks. Again.
  11. Starting to feel like there is no music video for Break My Soul, this is more of a hype single and the real thing will come before the album drop?!
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  12. Yeah the cover is so striking. It’s camp it’s sexy it’s fashion.
  13. I linked a tweet a few pages back from her choreographer that seemed to imply they had just filmed the video a couple weeks ago, but I think a lot of people shrugged it off since Bey is synonymous these days with having visuals prepped and ready to go with her albums and not doing these shoots so last minute. But I think that might be the case this time around...
  14. The longer we wait for a video, the more I think she’s going to wait until release day and unleash the visuals then.
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  15. Yeah I wonder if there’s more to the visuals this time around, especially with the VR rumour. I wouldn’t even be surprised if it’s a mini movie or something Purple Rain-esque that justifies it having to be one complete piece as opposed to a bunch of visuals. We do at least know she’s already shot some stuff, thanks to B Akerlund asking for free pieces ddd.

    Regardless, she’s continually topped herself visually, so I’m more than excited to see where this one does go. The theme of dance and club life can be taken in so many different directions.
  16. Yeah I kinda think there’s no video for this.
  17. Friday Tuesday Friday was a lie.
  18. Will there be a second single? Seen as the album is out in 4 weeks time.
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