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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Some of the takes in here…

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  2. The album cover is fine. It's simple and effective for what it is. If anyone but Beyonce released it, many of you would have critiques and suggestions on ways to improve it.
  3. Could it be that some of us are just doing too much when it comes to what others like and dislike? I mean, it's just pop music.
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  4. I feel like this album cover would make me happy even if it was Dua, Ariana, Rih etc. I’m easy pleased and this is a serve and a half!
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  5. My impression was the cover is intended to look like the custom promotional sleeves for white label dance records of the 90’s - I like it, its a confident statement from the artist that the music will speak for itself
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  6. I love the cover, but I do think it would have looked better if the background had a bit more texture. I'm fine with it being plain black, but it could have been for example black velvet instead of just the colour. I do get that given most people will be looking at it as a tiny square in their streaming service of choice, keeping the background as simple as possible probably made the most sense.
  7. Are you talking about the non horse cover?
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  8. Maybe Beyoncé should have taken a picture of the album cover on her Blackberry for texture.

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  9. I find nothing wrong with the cover, in fact I really like it; excited about the visuals this era.

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  10. I’m not wild about the cover (especially when she has served up so many incredible visuals before this era has even really gotten going) but I trust her.
  11. Also, I get that the Vogue UK spread has incredible shots, but I don’t think any of them really scream album cover. They’re too editorial. I feel like a truly good album cover has to strike a balance between that and being simple enough that it’s not overstimulating when you see it on shelves. I’m sure we’ll see more interesting images in the booklet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’d make better cover images.
  12. My one quibble with the cover is not related to the black background or the familiar motif of the horse, but the fact that I don't think she's serving face. I get what they're going for, but she looks a little dead behind the eyes here. And not in that detached, cool Blondie way. For a performer of such undeniable power and personality it just feels a little... flat.
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  13. It doesn’t require effort though. It’s too far a shot. It reads more of a fold out poster for the album inlay.

    Great photo but not for an album cover. For an album cover it does say ‘standard edition’ though.
  14. I like the actual album cover, but I definitely think the Vogue cover on the horse would easily be her greatest cover ever if it was for the album.
  15. The radio updates for this are great; it moved +6 to #18 on overall US radio today.
  16. The only “flaw” with the cover is that the detail doesn’t get space to shine when staring at it on a phone. It’ll look lovely on physical formats.

    Its nothing revolutionary but her album covers never are, Lemonade (and Everything Is Love) being the best.
  17. Dangerously in Love is still her most iconic cover, honestly. She bellied up to the Big Pop Girl bar in a diamond bra and a pair of jeans and ate!
  18. Some of these comments and critiques just have me replaying this gif over and over again

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  19. So are we getting her howling over a cunty Honey Dijon duck beat or not.
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  20. Both
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