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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. The sequencing here really is phenomenal. There were a few times I checked and didn't realize the song transitioned into a completely new track.
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  2. The entire album builds until you hit Break My Soul, which works as a perfect end to the first "act" or stretch of songs here. It was already a mammoth single but it really works 100x better in the context of the album.
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  3. ADM


    I need to move some MP3s from my iPhone ‘Files’ to the Music app so I don’t have to press play every time, If anyone is clever..
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  4. Me deleting every online trace of searching for the leak

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  5. I cannot wait to listen to this album stoned.
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  6. I’ve decided to await a FLAC train (and a blunt) but you’re all testing me.
  7. “Church Girl” and “Heated” sound like the other singles.
  8. You have to use a computer and use the Apple Music program
  9. Even though it has already been mentioned that the second half of the album stands out, I wouldn't really call these songs strange. They are just wild and dark but they're sequenced perfectly. As for the strangest track, I would actually say this is Energy. It sounds like an unfinished idea and clocks in at 1:57. A bit weird but still good.
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  10. “Cuff It” would sit right at home anywhere on 4. I also agree that this album reminds me most of S/T, though.
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  11. You all need to not wear this out before Friday. Let her smash on streaming!
  12. Was worried I would be too far behind the conversation if I waited till Friday to listen to this but thankfully this is PopJustice where people debate albums released 20 years ago as if they were released today so there is no such thing as being behind the conversation here.

    Can't wait to hear this on Friday given the positive reviews on here.
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  13. You really need to hear this on great speakers. That BEAT on I'm That Girl. Whewwww...
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  14. Plastic OFF the sofa
    Plastic ON the sofa

    People are saying different things. The internet says it's OFF but y'all are calling it ON.
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  15. Never fails to deliver, does she?
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  16. BTG


    I hope @RJF is having a good day.
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  17. Second half of the album is amazing - Pure/Honey is fantastic and the first half sounds like Vogue for 2022.

    Tique , All Up In Your Mind (I really love this), Heated and Summer Renaissance are the other immediate stand outs.

    I don't think it's as immediate as her self titled album but it's much more cohesive and sophisticated on first listen.

    Break My Soul was definitely not a teaser track - it's still the most obvious single on the album.
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  18. A relentless whirlwind! An album for the sissies. It failed to meet any of my expectations yet surpassed all of them. Her production quality is unrivaled, more layered than an ogre. The transitions gagged me several times. The vocal excellence... she can switch like a faggot. I was not ready for how playful and biting this would be. Let me gather my things and step back into this house she built for us.
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  19. The original train was FLAC.
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