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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. "I Feel Love"?
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  2. Okay legend!

  3. Oh my god, mental blank. Of course! Thankyou dd
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  4. Spotify New Music Friday leading with Church Girl is…surprising?
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  5. I lost.
  6. "Energy" actually having a Kelis "Milkshake" sample ooooh welp
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  7. America Has A Problem needs some more attention. The beat is filthy.
  8. I don't like being in the minority here, but please understand this is coming just from my own personal opinion of the album. I'm disappointed I didn't enjoy it like the rest of you have.

    Outside of the samplings and productions, I feel the lyricism and melodies is very few or not very interesting. Granted, this album perhaps wasn't about strong melodies or structured verses, but ultimately especially the first half of the album, were really forgettable. What kept me interested was definitely the second half simply because of the more experimental production.

    I feel every album from your favorite artists will always have the 'everlasting' songs that you inherently will remember in longevity and memory of your 'classics'.

    This album doesn't have that unfortunately to me. But nonetheless, you all please continue enjoying your own Renaissance of bops and fun!
  9. I'm only skimming the credits on her website right now, but it looks like she's the main producer on the majority of it?! Amazing.
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  10. this album is so ANTI-LOCAL omggg
  11. It’s been said a few times already but that transition from Energy into Break My Soul had me hyperventilating.
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  12. The way my local Sanity store still has Ed Sheeran's album on the "new releases" stand and Beyoncé is nowhere to be seen... bye.
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  13. Break My Soul was the perfect lead. It shines in the context of the album & serves as the perfect mission statement. The transition from Energy really slaps you across the face.
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  14. church GURL don't hurt nobody [​IMG]
  15. Something is premiering on Youtube in 20 mins.

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  16. Why am I just realizing that the bomb-ass outro lyrics from "Heated" are weaved throughout the background. I'm hearing "stolen Chanel, lock me up in jail," "Uncle Johnny made my dress," and "fan me off, I'm hot hot hot." She's a genius, your honor.
  17. Pure/Honey........... my pupils are dilating
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