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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Wish the album went off in this direction. So much of American underground hip hop/dance music to be explored and Kilo Ali is a great entrance
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  2. this album just goes INSANE after track 8

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  3. Does anyone know what the guitar sample is in HEATED? I know it from Travis Garland's Where To Land, but I'm surprised the credits just list it as "GUITAR BY CALEV".
  4. This album has transported me back to that feeling I had when I was 12, listening to B'Day for the first time and realising how incredible this woman is.

    I'm probably going to be restricted from this thread soon because of how much I'm posting here sorry fff but I honestly can't believe how good this is, I just can't turn it off.
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  5. I’m reading on Twitter that the store is not working, I just tried to buy the vinyl and they asked me €32 for shipping for a total of €80! And Ialready paid the limited edition vinyl more than €60!
  6. Yeah, it's definitely glitching, because I ended up paying for the vinyl twice and I haven't gotten any sort of confirmation for it even though the charges are showing up on my account
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  7. It’s kinda rude how good PURE/HONEY is. At least pretend the other girls can keep up, B.
  8. Thique. Where is the praise. It's that sexy, dirty, midnight bop.
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  9. I pull up in these clothes look so good.................
    cuz I'm in that ho.

    you know all these songs sound good................
    cuz I'm on that HO.


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  10. America Has a Problem. Like. What even is this beat.

    The flow. The synths. Unhinged.
  11. Ok not this is what it’s written on the the merch product (but not on the vinyl page):
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  12. Pure/Honey might be the one. Everything about this track destroys me. The beat is just on 10 throughout, it's relentless.

    I haven't listened to the album since yesterday, and yet again, while the first half is great, the second half sets my follicles ablaze and left in a soft smoldering of smoke. The last 5 songs in particular have me rolling my eyes between songs in ecstasy because I can't believe they're this good. She finishes this album on such a ridiculous high.
  13. "cause them Karens just turned into terrorists"

    Halfway through Virgo's Groove and really enjoying it so far
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  14. When I first heard Plastic Off The Sofa I thought “this is one of her most stunning vocal deliveries ever. What a smooth and slinky sex bop”. Then Virgo’s Groove came on and I went into a coma. What kind of peak-Mariah vocal perfection was that?
  15. This might have been asked so sorry, but does Alien Superstar sample Moloko’s “Forever More”?
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  16. Not Spotify having the clean version…..

    “Bad bad to the left”

  17. She really said 'love that you sold out the standard on my store, now buy it again with a hard cover' nn y*s rinse us.
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  18. Thanks to the train ticket I received, I created some mashups of the tracks in advance.

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  19. Alien Superstar is exactly the kinda NONSENSE I love listening to, I never thought I'd get that fix from Beyoncé, it's usually Kpop
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  20. Oh my god at THIQUE. The production. Her gorgeous vocals. The lyrics. The filthy beat. I’m fainting.
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