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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Where's my interpolation credit on Pure/Honey?

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  2. Why is this sending me. Comeback Corner queen!
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  3. I wonder if she just finished “Honey.” She’s singing about the world at war and inflation.
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  4. Screammm. I had to limit my use of the leak otherwise I was not going to stop.
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  5. On first listen, this is her best album.

    It’s giving Azealia Banks and Solange with shades of Afrofuturism and Ballroom culture. Whew.
  6. Pure/Honey is still giving me life - whole song is a movie
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  7. Throb and Thique…?
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  8. I waited until this morning and I’m obsessed.

    This legend.
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  9. I'm definitely going to have to sit with this record for a bit before forming an opinion. It's absolutely nothing I was expecting and also everything I was expecting based on peoples reviews. I can say that the last 5-6 songs are hitting me harder than the first but that can all change.

    Just on first listen, I actually think 'Plastic Off the Sofa' is really commercial-sounding and could work as a nice mid-tempo single for her. Pure/Honey seems like an obvious smash too.
  10. I am losing my goddamn mind
  11. "All for You" and "Cuff It."
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  12. "HEATED" truly gives me "FIND YOUR WAY BACK" after having snorted something. 10/10 no notes.
  13. I think Thique is my favorite.
  14. Cat-e-gory… sexy
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  15. Oh man, I meant that as a possible suggestion, I clicked what the songs are, and you did great work!
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  16. Oop, my bad! I'm running on fumes and Beyoncé done stole my last working braincells for the night.
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  17. I can totally see this album and Bjork's next (rumoured to also be more uptempo) becoming the most talked about records of 2022 and I'm ALL FOR IT BABY.
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  18. I've lived in New Zealand for 12 years and I've NEVER ONCE been able to buy a physical copy of an album on release day.

    Still listening to this on repeat. I think I might have to stop myself so I don't get bored of it in a week.
  19. The transition from Thique to All Up In Your Mind...
  20. She’s honestly quite unwell for this
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