I'm definitely going to have to sit with this record for a bit before forming an opinion. It's absolutely nothing I was expecting and also everything I was expecting based on peoples reviews. I can say that the last 5-6 songs are hitting me harder than the first but that can all change.

Just on first listen, I actually think 'Plastic Off the Sofa' is really commercial-sounding and could work as a nice mid-tempo single for her. Pure/Honey seems like an obvious smash too.
The way my local Sanity store still has Ed Sheeran's album on the "new releases" stand and Beyoncé is nowhere to be seen... bye.

I've lived in New Zealand for 12 years and I've NEVER ONCE been able to buy a physical copy of an album on release day.

Still listening to this on repeat. I think I might have to stop myself so I don't get bored of it in a week.