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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Listening for the first time and all I can say it wow. This really is her Heartbreak on Hold.
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  2. I feel like it was sequenced that way to give the album a bit of a restart once Church Girl starts.
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  3. Holy fuck this is a masterpiece and I’m only on Break My Soul.
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  4. On my first listen now and catching up on what seems like 100 pages of this thread… my early favourite is Cuff It.
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  5. I’m just trying to take it all in on my second listen. What a wild ride. Not that I expected anything less but her vocals are especially beautiful all over this, Cozy comes to mind.

    The second half is a party, Thique into All Up In Your Mind, whew, I ascended. Pure/Honey is so instant.
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  6. K94


    America Has A Problem - I know the girls were backspacing
  7. Energy and Move are my least favs so far
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  8. I don't know if it's been remarked on so far but how good is Beyonce's rapping on this album ?
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  9. I can't believe she managed to release her best ever album in a career full of insane highs. I'm in awe.
  10. Oh, we don't need the world's acceptance, they're too hard on me
    They're too hard on you, boy
    I'll always be your secret weapon in your arsenal, your arsenal
    And I know you had it rough growin' up, but that's okay (That's okay, baby)
    I like it rough (That's okay, baby)
    Even when you let your feelings get in the way (Let your feelings get in the way)

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  11. I get what he means though. And to be honest, I usually dig his opinions.
  12. Her vocals in general here are so relaxed, raw and next level. She just went to the studio and laid vocals that kill.
  13. I listened to this yesterday on the beach and thought of Tina saying these things to Johnny but also Beyoncé to her queer fans. I was a mess.
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  14. "bad bitches............. to the LEFT." *beat drop*

    this made me irl gay gasp
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  15. Miss Honey, let's Party!

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  16. Second listen in my PT session and I think Cuff It has to be the hit that resonates most with the public?

    Virgo’s Groove stays exquisite. Never been prouder to be one.
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  17. Ok what… Pure/Honey and Summer Renaissance… fuck it up a bit!
  18. So you’re telling me we used to live in a world where PURE/HONEY didn’t exist yet?
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  19. My bussy was left in tatters as Cuff It came on as I sped down the motorway at 6.25am
  20. Also the Janet(.) of it all in PURE/HONEY.
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