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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. This is absolutely MURDERING me! She is a beast! She will truly go down in history as one of the greats.
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  2. She sounds so horny in VIRGO’S GROOVE.
  3. I’d love to experience the confusion the locals will feel when they play this album. It’s so fantastically ciggy and hard hitting. It’s like she made a soundtrack to a 70’s gay bar in New York and let an alien drag queen dominatrix remix it.
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  4. cuz I feel like falling in love!
    I'm in the mood to fuck something up!

    her vocal is so tender and vulnerable here

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  5. Four, three, too fucking busy

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  6. I see what he means too. A thought I had quite early on in my playthrough was that Justin would be seething listening to this.

    If he had any sort of creative vision this is the trajectory his music could have been on, rather than… Trolls World Tour and that damn song.
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  7. It's so good. Happy RENAISSANCE day!
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  8. A classic example of an artist who got stuck in a creative cul de sac while the world moved on.

    Something which certainly doesn't apply to Beyoncé. I'm on my second play now and still digesting it all; so much going on, but Cuff It, All Up In Your Mind, Energy and Pure/Honey are immediately standing out.
  9. Cozy, Alien Superstar, Cuff It, Church Girl, Virgo’s Groove, Thique, America Has A Problem, Pure / Honey and Summer Renaissance are immediate Beyoncé classics that sit comfortably among the best of her discography.
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  10. Don't know if it's been said already but the Limited Edition vinyl with the alternate cover is back in stock.

    There's also a deluxe vinyl with the standard cover and a 36-page booklet (it ships in October though)
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  11. What sets it apart from a lot of house albums of late are the vocals and harmonies she’s serving. The maximalism she’s serving and making it sound strong when it could very easily become tacky.

  12. I am physically sissying down the street to Pure / Honey.
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  13. Yup yup yup. Drake was throwing his lil GameStop booty with a glass up against the wall but just couldn't grasp the humanity in house music. Poor it.
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  14. Is it? It says sold out to me (I’ve got the vinyl but a friend was it last week).
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  15. It’s saying it’s in stock for me but won’t deliver to the UK, even on the UK website! I’m a fool for not preordering.
  16. I think this will end up becoming my favorite Bey album because my main genre is R&B and having R&B-yoncé back is a lot to handle! People were expecting a return to the B’Day sound (which was Top 3 for me along with Self Titled), but little did I know this project’s twin sister would be Dangerously In Love without the filler. She really serves us the unexpected.
  17. Same. Says my address is invalid.
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  18. Plastic Off the Sofa is a perfect come down, deep cut moment. Of all the songs, it took a few listens to hook me, but once it did I kept wanting to revisit it... Until it transitions into Virgo's Groove.

    ...And well, cute next to gorgeous... But we love Plastic, too.
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