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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. The performance was fantastic and she looked absolutely beautiful. But yeah, the song is kind of a bore.
  2. Is it me or she’s in the audience?
  3. Official YouTube link of tonight’s performance:

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  4. 3Xs


    Made me like the song a lot more, so job done. Vocally she sounds in absolute top form.
  5. Beautifully filmed and choreographed - her attention to and appreciation of detail and the artists she works with to create these moments is what sets her apart.
  6. The performance was stunning but nothing else was to expected and while the song was better live it's still not very good.
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  7. The way even that performance can’t save this god-forsaken song.
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  8. Imagine she had performed Green Light or some other banger in that staging/arrangement
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  9. I love that she was dressed up as a fucking tennis ball. She’s iconic every time.
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  10. I wasn't really a fan of the performance theme (that color just doesn't translate well), but she served choreo, charisma, vocals, everything.

    I was really hoping she'd keep the Me, Myself and I hair she had months ago.
  11. I don’t think the song is great but that performance proper sold it to me. The art direction of her performances are always top-notch!
  12. My mouth was wide open the whole time, she looked and sounded incredible. I really just can't stop thinking she is the best performer of all time.
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  13. I'm in the minority here in actually liking the song since it came out, but song aside, you really have to admire how much she elevates any award show she is a part of. Her consistency and professionalism is unparalleled, you know she's always going to give a fully fleshed out concept, all while serving great vocals.

    Though the tennis fan in me disapproves of the idea of yellow tennis courts.
  14. RJF


    That performance made me ache with longing. Queen was a key lime dream and that colour in the sunlight just made everything glow. She sounded and looked spectacular, and I miss her.

    Song is still shit, but we move!
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  15. Absolutely stunning. I’m obsessed with that colour.
  16. The way she can sell me on even the very worst of her discography with a single performance… the talent knows no bounds.
  17. Gays were a mistake.
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