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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Please tell me someone else loves I'm That Girl as much as me? That sample is everything. The way it speeds up, slows down, and melts all over those eerie synths. Such a trippy opening track.
  2. It’s a perfect intro track, reminds me a lot of Self-Titled (if you skip “Pretty Hurts” as the opener)
  3. It blew my mind when I first heard that intro, it’s such a fantastic opener.
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  4. Have we discussed the fact that it’s sitting at 88 on Metacritic so far? Not that it matters but another win!
  5. It's at a Bey Plus
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  6. I haven’t really been able to add to the conversation because so many people have been able to articulate how good this album is much better than I can but listening again this morning I just had to at least say I really love this album, it’s so special!
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  7. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    I’m in love with that final minute of Thique. On another album it’d just be a great outro, but the fact that it’s placed not long after the record’s most frenetic track and is pretty much the only time it stops for a breath in its one hour runtime…just makes it so much more memorable. It reminds me of that rare feeling when you wake up well-rested and you get to just slowly drift back into reality in a non-stressful way.

    Alien Superstar, Virgo’s Groove and Thique are my initial favourites, but all her albums since Self-Titled have needed multiple listens for the underdogs to shine through so I’m not calling it just yet.
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  8. I can’t believe I still haven’t pressed play on this album. What kinda flop?! I’m going on a walk today so I’ll allocate some time to properly indulge in this record. My partner is obsessed with it.
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  9. Has the connection already been made with Cozy/Alien Superstar?
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  10. I havent listened to anything else but America Has a Problem for the past 24 hours.
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  11. My copy FINALLY came at about 10pm and by then I was asleep. I haven't listened yet but going to wait until I hear all her other albums in full first. Only heard the singles and the odd album track till now.
  12. It’s been said before but Heated from 3.01 onwards is just perfection, one of my favourite moments in her entire discography. The whole album is exquisite but I keep coming back to this track.
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  13. Yeah, Peter Rauhofer/Club69 and Kim Cooper are sampled on both.

  14. I'm a justice for Sweetener/Hard Candy/Neptunes girl, but you can't argue with this fact
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  15. A merch item for almost every track? Godyonce really said I'm gonna milk you cigs DRY. I can't choose!

    Also, mess at them UPDATING the box set items only now when it's sold out.
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  16. Beyoncé always gets the people talking. Alongside Madge I can't think of another huge female that gets so much divisive coverage.
  17. Can we please stop and imagine the fuckin tour that’s gunna go with this album. Like scrap all the old shit. I want new everything. All 16 tracks performed and 10 classics.
    Be ballsy and leave crazy in love out this time Bey.

    Formation tour was WORLD CLASS as was Homecoming! This I feel, will be so much more elevated (based solely on the material, I can feel it)
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  18. Yes Beyoncé gets the people talking but I don’t see the divisive part. She’s massively acclaimed and celebrated, unlike Madonna.
  19. Not by all. A lot of bitter people don't like Beyoncé's success.
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