The way it's SO:​

luxurious slicK

concentrated staggering

elegant effortless


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She has amazing albums and this is of course not to write any of those off but....after a weekend of Renaissance, it's far and away her best. It has the the soul of Dangerously In Love, the bop sensibility of B'Day, the intention of Sasha Fierce (x100), the variety of 4, the audacity of self-titled and the heart of Lemonade - it's all there and so apparent across the whole of this record that it's just still blowing my mind.
Yep. Renaissance is #1 in my book, too. I don’t want to knock on Lemonade, because that’s an important album in its own right, but Renaissance builds on the foundations laid down by Self-titled, particularly my favorite songs on it (Haunted, Partition, Blow, Drunk In Love), and it’s what I’ve always wanted from her.

Front-to-back all killer, no filler, no trendy Sia or Ryan Tedder moments, no Jay Z, no dull or mournful ballads to throw off the vibe. It’s just bulletproof in its consistency. It’s sexy, confident, adventurous, rich, and glamorous. And there’s a lot of value to be found in how an album like this can make you feel, especially in times like these. Anyone who’s a fan of What’s Your Pleasure?, Roisin Machine, Honey, and other albums in that vein can understand.

The cherry on top? That continuous mix (seriously - what a treat), the fluid transitions, the thought and care that went into the sequencing. It’s 16 tracks long, but it has the ease of playability that B’Day had within 10 tracks.

I honestly haven’t been overly excited by Beyoncé since Lemonade, so for her to reel me in like this and have me fully gagged like this speaks to her power. What an album.
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