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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. “Cuff It” has late summer hit vibes. And my god, those vocal riffs on “Plastic Off the Sofa” send me straight to heaven.
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    + Katy B's Little Red
  3. I have decided to take a break from this today for fear of tiring of it because I've literally been obsessed.
  4. Just realizing that “Homecoming” is also a huge influence on this album. The music transitions is what I’ve wanted from her since seeing various tour videos.
  5. I wish the alarm/siren sample in Church Girl was a bit more prominent in the mix, it really takes the song to the next level.
  6. Same. I need to stop before I burn myself out on it ddd. The problem is I keep getting a random song from it stuck in my head and having to put it on, which always leads me to listening to the whole thing.

  7. Visualizer out now for Break My Soul! Mother saw the early predictions and is throwing us a bone for once
  8. Pretty sure these billboard visualizers exist for the other tracks as well. I noticed one in the merch post that was made the other day even though it's not on her shop yet. Can't wait to see them all. Also, imagine if real ones popped up in major cities...

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  9. I love how the NYT review highlights the humor on this album - it sets it apart from the rest of her discography and her peers' recent output. Between the lyrics, her vocal affectations, and the endless samples, there's an abundance of hilarious moments, both intentional and unintentional.
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    The backing vocals giving me gospel
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  11. I can’t wait to blast this tomorrow when my vinyl arrives
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  13. I thought that was a lone highlight of an awful review. They said a possible weakness was that the album doesn’t highlight social issues which firstly is a stupid critique for an album anyway and secondly the whole album being a love letter to some of the most marginalised intersections of society. It’s like they barely listen to it.
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    That’s one of my many irritations from a bunch of reviewers, even from other Black people that think she’s “appropriating” Black queer culture without realizing that she’s paying homage to her own specific experiences with it. Like shit, being Black is political. Being queer is political. Existing at the axis of both poles…and having the world’s biggest popstar highlight that existence?

    They clearly don’t want her to win. They were mad at “Formation” and now they mad again. Now wonder “Cozy” exists. Fuck them all!
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  15. "Cozy" is a wonderful song. The struggle to feel enough, both to the world nonetheless yourself, when you've spent a lifetime constructing an image of self-sufficiency is disturbingly relatable.

    I find her facility in balancing that thread through the inner and outer universes of colorism, identity, healing, comradery and family, and acceptance remarkable. It's a deceptively simple lyric that unpacks huge concepts, and heaves a breadth of strength and vulnerability. And the section with the flag's rainbow's multitudes of meaning is also smartly used, whereas in less capable hands, would've fallen to something a bit tacky.

    Perhaps we take it for granted because her intent and heart as an artist seem so clear to us, especially in this album with a context of following a childhood career to a woman who still continues a quest to discover what it means to human.

    But yeah, it's incredibly disappointing that the (what should be obvious) political aspects of existing and revelling in the joy and hurt of life, painted throughout the album with perhaps the widest use of vocal inflection and lilt she's ever painted with, would be lost on so many high profile reviewers who perhaps should have taken an additional second to reflect below the superficial (pressure to publish on deadline be damned).
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  16. Did music exist before this album?
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  17. Today is all about the way my soul transcends time and space when Plastic Off The Sofa seamlessly morphs into Virgo’s Groove.

  18. [​IMG]
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