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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Really disappointed with the limited edition vinyl not coming with the album art booklet. I guess I should’ve checked that it was included when I ordered but I genuinely thought it would be a given…
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  2. It does hurt especially coming from someone as educated as Bey. I hope and I’m sure that she will edit the lyrics quickly but with so many people around her it’s a shame no one noticed it prior to the release, especially when Lizzo has already been quite vocal about her own mistake.
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  3. I think it was in the Lizzo thread that I read that in the US this word isn't as negatively associated as it is elsewhere? Or was that just Lizzo's case and particular word use and I'm conflating the two?

    Like..I would know not to use it, coming from the UK, but am I imagining that it's not considered 'as bad' in the US, by the general populace?
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  4. I read this take by an article from a black disability activity on Instagram who was offended by Lizzo’s use of the term - but even she said that while it might be considered a “slur” by Americans- it’s still not a term that should be used. It’s still offensive to a great many people.

    Bey has always been socially aware so hearing her use that horrible slur is incredibly disappointing.
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  5. Yeah it's an awful word, but the US don't seem to hold as much weight with it as us.

    'All Up In Your Mind' is the one for me I think.
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  6. I understand in AAVE the term isn’t as heavy as it is in the UK though I have seen Americans who are disabled say otherwise. In the meantime this isn’t going to stop my LGBT+ hot disabled girl summer I’m currently having. But I expect any pop star with a global reach to do their due diligence when it comes to the disabled community cause I’m tired.
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  7. Alien Superstar's chorus is so damn catchy. Can't get it out of my head.

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  8. I’m sure she’ll do the right thing. We’re still early in the damage control window. Fingers crossed.

    On a completely separate note, I’m pleasantly surprised by how lithe and thoroughly enjoyable the album is. It’s substantial yet fun, light yet smart. She’s achieved the perfect balance that many attempted to hit but missed. Colour me obsessed after a lukewarm-ish start.
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  9. I am disabled but I'm ashamed to admit I didn't notice the word while listening to Heated. It's disappointing that her team didn't point it out to her or she didn't realise herself that it is offensive. Maybe she will re-record the song and replace it on iTunes.
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  10. pdf


    Always remember tho: Pitchfork know nothing about pop music.
  11. CUFF IT is a sure fire one to be performed live! The horns are IT
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  12. Pitchwork has been mistreating and disregarding pop music for as long as we can remember so it’s always a bit sad how they will give a good review to Beyoncé every 5 years to win the gays over. This is basically gay baiting and you are all falling for it.
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  13. That's literally the joke.
  14. I don’t think anyone genuinely cares about Pitchfork, but it’s always nice to see your fave get praise. Their reviews, or, more specifically, their ratings, are the widespread subject of memes. It’s not that deep nn.
  15. Genuinely didn’t catch it the several times I’ve listened to the song/album. I feel like Lizzo set a precedent by changing her song on digital platforms (and I assume future pressings of her album on CD and vinyl), so it will be kind of disappointing if Beyoncé of all people can’t manage to do that. But I will reiterate what someone else already said: this word is widely not considered a slur in the US, it’s AAVE, and generally has a very different meaning to black folks, so it’s going to be difficult to change a lot of minds, especially if the conversation is coming from white people, which leads to the conversation once again skewing towards anti-black rhetoric.

    Reposting from the Lizzo thread:

    So, yes, disappointing they didn’t catch and correct this beforehand when the Lizzo stuff was a story, but also not entirely surprising.
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  16. It's a shame they didn't pick up on the Lizzo controversy and avoid this but I don't think it's beyond the realm of possibility that it just missed them entirely.

    It's disappointing that publications are choosing not to reach out to Black disabled voices on this issue and making no mention of cultural context after it was explained during the Lizzo debate that the word has a different connotations in AAVE. If I wasn't aware of the other meaning of that word and I read The Guardian's piece, I'd think Beyoncé just up and decided to use a word we all know is horrendously offensive. I know she's seen as unreachable but attempting to call the dogs on her like that is kinda gross.
  17. Anyways..

    My vinyl arrived this morning, and it sounds glorious. I’m even more obsessed
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  18. The word just isn't used here the same way it is in the UK (hence our problems with the R slur). Notice it took these UK publications to realize and amplify. I'm sure there was no malice intended and think Beyoncé would follow Lizzo's precedent.
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