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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. alsjajakks
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  2. I know after 2020 there was a lot of talk of who would be the artist(s) to bring back fun and the sense of celebration through music after the pandemic and all that followed.

    For me, I think Beyoncé has done it with this record. There is a lot and I mean a lot to still be sad about in this world and looking ahead things don’t look any better. But Beyoncé managed to create a little universe where we can all just let the fuck go and breathe for a second. There’s genuinely something for everyone on this record even if you’re one of those weirdos who makes it a personality trait to not like Beyoncé.

    More than that I love that the feeling of celebration and unbridled joy this record emits is rooted in queerness and particularly black queerness. I can’t get enough of this record MY GODDDD.
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  3. I rewind this part every time. So pleasing to the ear.
  4. I need a 5 minute version of All Up In Your Mind with the last minutes furthering into chaos, maybe some industrial relentlessness, white noise, a hurricane, I feel as though this is where it was going and I can’t get enough.
  5. Virgo's Groove goes by so quick, you barely even realize it's a whole 6 minutes. wow
    Oh my!
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  7. Cliquebait.

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  8. Oh my god what is she playing at? Those 40 seconds are divine though.
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  9. You won’t break my
  10. She's sick. The fact they filmed the album shoot means they could just make 4 minutes worth of footage from that and this is what she does instead?

    We're trying to get you the #1, mother! Help us help you!

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  11. It’s a teaser thiques! It’ll come.
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  12. K94


    Mother serving just enough to count as a view then dipping out

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  13. She dropped a visual album when we least expected it and now that we expect that she is holding out on visuals. I guess this is her way of keeping us on our toes.
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  14. Is like 20 seconds stream still enough to count as a full video stream?

    (I remember Gaga‘s Dope being an ad on Youtube for about 20 seconds and it got her a Top10).
  15. Me reading “CLIQUEBAIT” and still being surprised it was.

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  16. Beyoncé and her CLIQUEBAIT need to leave me alone. Giving me high blood pressure. Muva ATE in those 8 seconds. Just give us the video :(

    (If this was a last minute attempt for sale, girl the uk chart sales closes earlier today)
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  17. It's still the first time we've seen any actual movement from Beyoncé in any sense since the whole campaign started so naturally I'm eating it up.
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