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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Madonna posting about this on her stories and sharing another video edit of the full rap with both the Black female icons and ballroom houses warms my heart.
  2. Sam


    This feels a tad unnecessary
  3. Suck my ass.
  4. 'I'm That Girl' is such a perfect opening track guiding you in with that chill beat and loop, then the tempo builds with 'Cozy' and hardly lets up. Grammys better be all over this masterpiece.
  5. 2014

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    The remix is too much. TOO MUCH.
  6. It shocks me how many people I’m seeing putting I’m That Girl as lower in their rankings, or saying they wouldn’t have put it first when it gets me so fucking hyped up. It’s perfect.
  7. and couple of other things, the way 'Energy' builds into such a bop in less than 2 mins is insane and the way that underlying synth comes in midway on 'Move' is kinda orgasmic.
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  8. It made me strangely sentimental; a total full circle moment etc.

  9. Sam


  10. No Tina - could’ve served as a double entendre!
  11. The Queens remix is sublime. Is "Jilly from Philly" about Jill Scott?
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  12. Very sorry. I'm autistic, and couldn't figure out why someone would type out a post instead of just searching on whichever streaming service they use. I say what I see. But your grace is very appreciated. Lovely to meet you!
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  13. I was taught growing up that sometimes it's better just to say nothing at all, your entire tone really wasn't needed dd
  14. I was told I was stupid, rude, and weird. Turns out my brain is just different to everyone else's, but don't let that stop you joining the pile-on.
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  15. I’m already in anguish over the fact that Madonna will join Beyoncé on stage for this remix during the upcoming tour, and there’s just no way to know in advance in which city this will occur.
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Just sharing a fantasy! For Madonna’s 40th Anniversary there is a tribute performance, the show opens to the first notes of Vogue, but quickly we hear it’s the Beyoncé Break My Soul (The Queens Remix), both Beyoncé and Madonna enter the stage surrounded by dancers and voguers from all the mentioned Vogue houses! And during the new rap all living people mentioned appear to be seated in the audience and stand up on the beat of their name being mentioned while striking a pose.
  18. I love that she deepens her voice when she says "Anita".

    (Part of me wishes she'd done the same for "Toni".)
  19. I mean I checked this afternoon and couldn’t see it on Spotify, then I read the Pitchfork piece and there was no streaming link attached for it - when they usually include one. So I asked here.

    It’s not that deep.
  20. I sort of felt like that’s what was being planned here after this dropped. But actually a mega mix performance with this, frozen on fire and material gworrlllllll. The only way She would agree to a ‘retrospective’ (see: forward thinking) performance.
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