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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Ddd just read the replies to this tweet if you wanna feel mad.
  2. The 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 punch from Virgo's Groove. I honestly think Thique could end up being my most replayed track off the album. When the beat picks up and the kicks come in. Let me tell you, I. Ascend. Every. Time.
  3. I’m sure someone suggested this when the song titles were released and prior to us hearing it, but honestly, Thique and Janet’s Throb mashup needs to happen.
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  4. W2K


    The way this album presents new sounds, feelings, thoughts each time you listen to it - insane attention to detail. A grower and a shower all rolled into one. No one does it like Beyoncé. She is 1 of 1, she is the only one.
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  5. The whips on heated jheeeez
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  6. You can find the one when the tempo's good~
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    Playing The Queens Remix of Break My Soul after Summer Renaissance is such a victory lap for this album whew.
  8. I can't actually remember a time when I was so complelled to listen to an album from start to finish multiple times a day. And to be this many listens in and keep discovering nuances in every track I hadn't noticed before and to be no closer to picking favourites and putting them in a playlist...
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  9. The way she has never had an album debut with less than 300k units

    That's longevity, luvs!
  10. I’ve been meaning to discuss, aren’t those fans clacking?
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  11. To my ears they are.
  12. Either way. Wig
  13. Yeah, they are. Need her to do a routine with them, a la Madonna’s “Vogue” performance

  14. Don't try to drive with 'Thique' playing. In traffic I'm bouncing like, well y'know...
  15. I was away for 2 days and didn't have a chance to listen to this album again until I was back home. Listening to it again in full and discovering new layers to each song was delicious.

  16. Was @sugababesoverloaded a good host
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  17. Looking good for Break My Soul in the US!
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  18. Looking forward to an influx of stan chart account tweets announcing that Pure/Honey breaks the record for the most uses of the word "cunt" in a Hot 100 hit*.

    *I have no idea if this is even true but I want it to be.
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  19. Creationofkris, come here bb I just wanna talk...
  20. I honestly think the impact on the album listen is even bigger because we've heard it before. It was a great single when it came out, but hearing it in the context of the album, following that Cuff It - Energy - transition instantly made it sound like a proper moment, or one of her greatest hits, which I really think it is. I can't explain what hearing Freida's shouts on Energy and knowing where it leads made me feel, especially when the actual song started, knocking ten times harder than before. It's crazy cause the song's been out for barely a month but when I hear it surrounded by other tracks it feels like it's been here for a lot longer. It might be a bit early to call it career-defining, but it definitely already feels like a major step for her sound.
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