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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Legends only! and Sia
  2. I can’t WITCHOO!

    All of you wishing it was Orville… if she called Ed, I will scream dddd she better don’t.
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  3. With all this talk of act ii, I’ve been thinking of possible Black women duet partners… thing is, country is more expansive than people give it credit so they could also come from folk, Americana, jazz, or blues and still come off country.

    All of which to say, if Beyoncé gets Rhiannon Giddens to do something uptempo I may spontaneously combust.
  4. I love Grace with all my heart but she's the one to blame. One of the reasons is how she speaked about a lot of the pop stars (and we love that about her)
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  5. It did surprise me reading that Move is her highest chart position?! I've genuinely never listened to anything she's done (I probably should) but I've always known of her, and I just assumed she'd had a few hits under her belt.
  6. This is melting my pop heart F5EC3569-1EB1-40E3-AB3D-95C1FB87CF0B.jpeg
  7. Well I Guess That’s How I’m Going To Type Everything From Now On.
  8. I’d love Mickey Guyton to be on board with some writing for B if we’re talking country. She has some great songs to her name.

    Now IF she has some Diana Gordon lined up.. I will screaaaam.
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  9. You Are Masterpiece Genius has sent me west
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  10. I recomend you to start with Island Life and Hurricane
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  11. I’M THAT GIRL and You Are Masterpiece Genius.
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  12. I keep imagining the absolute hysteria that is going to erupt on tour when the tour, or an act of the tour opens with...

    Please do not be alarmed, remain calm
    Do not attempt to leave the dance-floor
    The DJ booth is conducting a troubleshoot test of the entire system

  13. Omg yes! My husband and I have taken to saying NO! to our cats whenever they’re acting up. It’s so fun!
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  14. Summer Renaissance is that bop.
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  15. And this is truly just scratching the surface. Such an interesting discography and videography!
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  16. Oops didn’t realize Orville was so divisive. I agree that sticking to all Black collaborators would be amazing and in theme of the project but I’d love Orville to produce a la A G Cook. I still get my basic bumpkin life to this:

    BUT there are easily 10 more underrated Black women making country/country adjacent music I’d love to see her collab with. Amythyst Kiah, Mickey Guyton, Alison Russell, Yola, Adia Victoria and Valerie June all spring to mind as excellent partners for Bey.

    BUT back to the real topic: How do I achieve the sense of nirvana I get when Plastic off the Sofa transitions into Virgo’s Groove in my life?
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  17. I just realized I missed the obvious. Gospel and other worship music has a huge influence in/on country music. We know Bey loves worship music, from the Destiny’s Child gospel outros to the Clark Sisters sample on Renaissance. That opens a whole new range of potential collaborators.
  18. "Thank you, Queen."
  19. In the discussion about her doing a rock/country album I saw someone propose the idea of a Brittany Howard colllab and I_would_like_to_see_it.gif
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  20. Im That Girl is one of the lower ranking tracks even though no track is lower than an 8 on this masterpiece.

    If however it was just called “Intro” would probably think it was a 10/10 as a far as tracks called Intro go… I’m not making sense here I feel.
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