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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Also, I had the thought that All Up In Your Mind is what modern Charli XCX wishes she sounded like hehhhh.
  2. RainOnFire

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    The way she timed herself so that her speech would lead right into the chorus... queen
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  3. ..........................
  4. Alien Superstar does seem like the obvious 2nd single.
  5. Boy, do I have news for you!
  6. I know A.G is involved obvi but it sounds better than anything she’s released with him in my opinion!
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  8. Cuff It is wonderful, but it's perhaps the most conventional song on the album? I'd love it if she just threw caution to the wind and released more... unique follow up singles.
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  9. Without Charli + A.G. Cook’s influences, you would’ve never gotten All Up In Your Mind in the first place. You tried.

    And the song is definitely one of the MANY highlights on Renaissance.
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  10. I've been panicking all week thinking that my CD was the clean version because it didn't come with a parental advisory label on

    Anyway I finally played it in the car today and the joy I felt when "please MOTHERFUCKERS ain't stopping me" blasted through my speakers, phew.

    As for the next single, Alien Superstar has to be it. Or Thique. Cuff It is the most obvious choice but I hope she switches it up!
  11. The chokehold this album has on me. Unfathomable for me to have an hour of free time without listening to this.
  12. It’s a daily 20 minute commute to work for me so the album is the first thing I put on as I go and it’s happened that for the past 2 weeks I’ve heard the Queen sweet urging me to release my job right at the door into my office.
  13. I've just seen a post on a Britney Facebook page where someone's said Alien Superstar and Alien both have a similar message, then added a poll asking which one everyone prefers

    I love Britney but

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  14. Alien Superstar feat. Right Said Fred should be the next single.
  15. I love that this is Radio 2’s album of the week

    visions of Ken Bruce getting to the end of THIQUE and being “yeah I felt that”
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  16. I really should listen to something else other than this but I'm finding it really hard to tare myself away. It just all works so well as a body of work. I don't quite have a standout favourite as of yet, Summer Renaissance was the most instant for me but since then Pure/Honey, Alien Superstar, Church Girl, Cozy and Cuff It have really grabbed me. It all feels like such a triumph.
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  17. The 'problem' that I have with her last 3 official albums is that the tracklists flow so perfectly I can't listen to them on shuffle. Which then means once I press play, I need to listen to it in full. It's really getting in the way of my daily life.
  18. Love how the visual for this mentions "Global record-breaking Alexa requests" as if it was some kind of all time record within the whole industry, but then you see the world "first week", "female" and "2022" added in.
    What’s the other female big albums released in 2022 so far?
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