Also, I had the thought that All Up In Your Mind is what modern Charli XCX wishes she sounded like hehhhh.
Boy, do I have news for you!
I've been panicking all week thinking that my CD was the clean version because it didn't come with a parental advisory label on

Anyway I finally played it in the car today and the joy I felt when "please MOTHERFUCKERS ain't stopping me" blasted through my speakers, phew.

As for the next single, Alien Superstar has to be it. Or Thique. Cuff It is the most obvious choice but I hope she switches it up!
I really should listen to something else other than this but I'm finding it really hard to tare myself away. It just all works so well as a body of work. I don't quite have a standout favourite as of yet, Summer Renaissance was the most instant for me but since then Pure/Honey, Alien Superstar, Church Girl, Cozy and Cuff It have really grabbed me. It all feels like such a triumph.