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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. I’m staying with my parents this week and my mum constantly has Radio 2 on in the background and the gasp I let out when I heard Summer Renaissance yesterday morning.
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  2. 'America Has A Problem' is the grower. It evolves with every listen and sticks in the brain.
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  3. Proud to announce I can sing along to all the lyrics!
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  4. Can’t believe the monster party track that Break My Soul is, my friends are in Ibiza and have said it’s they’re holiday song. I mean.. what a smash!
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  5. Just heard Cuff It on the radio and it sounded SO good , I think it makes the most logical sense as the next single to be honest .
  6. I saw this pop up last week and ffff. Tyra treating her guests like they're disposable ANTM contestants is so on brand.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Who was her favourite Spice Girl? Someone tell me
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  9. The way both of these albums have me in a chokehold simultaneously ddddddddd. One always makes me crave the other - the complexity of Renaissance complements the by-the-formula, straightforward pop of About Last Night and I find relief in bouncing from one to another. I love pop music so much?
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  10. I could weirdly hear Britney on an Alien Superstar remix???
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  11. I think one of my favorite things about “AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM” is that it could easily be a Ciara track. Get her on the remix, Bey.
  12. Honey is almost certainly transitioning into Blow on the tour isn’t it
  13. Today’s obsession is when Beyonce says: “I’m in my bag bag baaaaaag” I’ve replayed that bit a lot today.
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  14. Imagining tour transitions for the new tracks enters my mind quite frequently.

    ‘Get Me Bodied (extended mix)’ going from “drop down low and sweep the floor with it it” into “drop it like a thotty” and a swift transition into ‘Church Girl’ would be pleasing.
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  15. "Heated" into "Run the World (Girls)", please and thanks!
  16. Energy going into MY POWAH please.
  17. Know that booty gon do what it want to
    Can’t hit it one time, multiple
    I know you see these rack-rack-racks on me
    Now come and get high-igh-igh-igh-igh-igh

  18. I can't get into Move at all for some reason.
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