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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Honestly, outside of a select few people, I actively avoid discussing this album/Beyoncé in public because the ensuing conversations usually just stress me the fuck out.
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  2. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    The concern for me was that they brought her up and tried to discuss her without any context. Someone said the album "was rushed" and another "how is she gonna tour this" and I'm like... let me stop here. Just a reminder that so many people don't see her the same way.
  3. I only have one friend and thankfully she isn't on social media and doesn't really use the internet much so she has no idea about the dramas about samples or anything else. Her only thoughts have been that Renaissance "is good and different".
  4. Those criticisms don’t even make sense nn. How anyone can listen to this and think it doesn’t sound meticulously crafted is just… some people have no brains.
  5. Yeah I fully clocked out of discussing this album with the GP when my colleague stated it “wasn’t very Beyoncé”, called Summer Renaissance “a cover”, and asked me without a hint of irony, “are you telling me you like this more than I Am…Sasha Fierce”.

    She leaves next week anyway thankfully, or it would have been immediate dismissal.
  6. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    If this isn't me. We joke about it on this forum, but I've had to actually hear people at work say things like "I wish she would make songs like Crazy In Love and Halo again" (and this was when Homecoming came out...).

    But as queen said, "redirect all that anger... give it to me... GIVE IT TO ME"

  7. I’ve never had the opportunity to discuss the album in depth with anyone outside of this forum. It usually just begins and ends at “IT’S SO GOOOOOD”.
  8. this person sure they've actually listened to the album because I can very easily see a tour concept for RENAISSANCE in my head every time I go back to it
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  9. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    It was someone that said they "expected ballads" and other "classic" sounds from her. And someone even said "Break My Soul" sounded basic compared to her other work. I even had to break down the references to "Uncle Johnny" and the context of Black family structure, religion, and HIV + queerness. It was crazy listening to them talking about the album and dragging it while not trying to actually absorb any of its references or its mission statement.
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  10. All Up in Your Mind being the least played on Spotify is making me unreasonably irritated. Actually, the (superior) back half being less played in general is annoying. Get an attention span.
  11. I think we established the fact that people just love to come for her. Female popstars always had to deal with that although it feels like Bey makes people particularly angry. The amount of people who told me – the woke Beyoncé fan – that she did use a slur word. And it was always delivered with a specific kind of joy.
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  12. Rosetta Tharpe, Santigold
    Bessie Smith, Nina Simone
    Betty Davis, Solange Knowles
    Badu, Lizzo, Kelly Rowl'
    Lauryn Hill, Roberta Flack
    Toni, Janet, Tierra Whack
    Missy, Diana, Grace Jones
    Aretha, Anita, Grace Jones
    Helen Folasade Adu, Jilly from Philly, I love you, boo

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  13. I don't talk about Beyonce in real life because it always ends up being:
    "I only know Crazy in Love/Single Ladies"
    "She hasn't had a hit in years"
    "I love Halo!"
    "I saw her once, I didn't know most of the songs".

    Most of the people in my social circle look down on pop music.

    So I come here.
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  14. Agreed. It just warms my pop-loving heart that RENAISSANCE and About Last Night... parlay overlapping sets of influences and reference points - black queer culture, dance and electronic music, lockdown escapism and catharsis, the honouring of late queer loved ones - in the completely different ways that you describe.
  15. I don’t even engage in conversations with my mum regarding Beyoncé compared to other public figures my mum doesn’t extend grace as it always descends into anti-black rhetoric. Yesterday my mum was telling me about last weeks news which ended up with me being ablesplained about ableist slurs. My mum didn’t even care about the missing context cause it’s Beyoncé.
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  16. Sasha Fierce stanning is exactly what I’ve come to expect from locals.
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  17. After sitting with this for a while and seeing the billboard placements, here’s what I want for a singles run (ie visuals)

    2nd- Alien Superstar
    3rd- America Has A Problem
    4th- Thique
    5th- Cuff It
    6th- Church Girl

    Also is Beyoncé the first to have an entire studio album all chart on the billboard Hot 100 in the same week?
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  18. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Nope it's been done many times before. She's done it before with Self-Titled and Lemonade, and Taylor and Drake have done it with multiple albums from what I can remember.
  19. I have one friend who sees the album as an experience and can't wait to see her tour it, and another friend who thinks it's a mess and doesn't get it at all.

    You win some, you lose some
  20. I'm surprised that my very aggressively cishet dad loves this album. He keeps playing "Break My Soul" and loves the "Vogue" remix. I've trained him well!
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